28-Day Guide to Slimmer Thighs

A plan designed to get you that lean toned look.

Slimming down thighs can be a challenge. This is because training with heavy weights tones the area, but also grows the muscle. In order to effectively slim the thighs and get that long and lean look, you need a combination of cardio and strength training. For this 28-day thigh slimming plan, we’re using low-weight, high-rep strength training and simple cardio.

The strength training portion includes exercises to target your hamstrings, quads, inner thighs, and glutes. For the first 21 days, you’ll be doing this 3-4 times per week, as well as two days of cardio. For the final week, we focus on cutting, meaning burning any excess fat and bringing your muscles to light. These last days include extra cardio and more intense workouts. But the hard work should pay off and after 28 days of hard work you should have slimmer, stronger, leaner thighs!

28-Day Guide to Slimmer Thighs

What to do: Perform the type of routine designated for each day. Complete the strength routines consecutively (beginning with quadriceps and ending with glutes.) Cross off each day as you go!

What You’ll Need: a set of 5 lb. dumbbells, a mat or towel to lay on the floor, and a gym timer (free to download apps are available)

Download your free 28-Day calendar and get started! 

Below, we’ve included videos showing how to perform each move. Using proper form helps prevent injuries and ensures you’re getting the most out of your workout.

Dumbbell Squats

Walking Lunges

Stiff-Legged Dumbbell Deadlifts

Single Leg Deadlift

Frog Kicks

Inner Thigh Lifts

Single-Leg Glute Bridge

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