3 Amazing Cleanse & Detox Meal Plans

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After a holiday or vacation, your body likely needs a cleanse. All the junk we eat during our “breaks” accumulates and makes us feel unhealthy. Cleansing and detoxing will get you back on track. Essentially, a detox is a diet full of healthy foods or juices that help your body clean itself. If you’re a visual person, imagine how makeup brushes build up product over time. They need to be cleaned periodically. Our bodies work the same way. Over time, we build up toxins and need to clean ourselves from the inside out. Check out our three amazing cleanse and detox meal plans that rid you of the accumulated junk in your body.

1. Three Day Cleanse & Detox
Chamomile Tea

This detox plan explains every part of your three-day journey. In addition to supplying detox recipes, this plan offers a variety of detox drinks in case there are some you don’t want to try. It’s a great intro if you’re new to cleansing. You won’t be disappointed! Once the three days are over, you’ll feel like a weight’s been lifted from your body.

2. 3-Day Soup Detox3 Amazing Cleanse & Detox Meal Plans You Need to Try
On cold, windy days, what’s the one thing you crave besides a crackling fireplace and hot chocolate? Soup! Soup is easy to make and always comforting. With this plan, you get all the comforting benefits of soup while detoxing your body. Sip the warmth and enjoy!

3. 7-Day Clean-Eating and Detox Menu
Slow Cooker Hearty Vegetable and Bean Soup

When we imagine a detox, we think of juices and drinks. What if we told you that you can detox with real food? Well, you can! One of the hardest parts of detoxing is being unable to eat real food. Chewing on food helps our bodies stay full and satisfied. Click the link above and be happily directed to your new detox menu full of real, delicious foods.


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