Three-Day Cleanse & Detox

Cleanse your body in three days!

If you’re embarking on a healthy eating plan, a thorough cleanse and detox will help you to get into the spirit of your new plan, and will ready your body for the nutrients and superfoods that will comprise your healthy, new lifestyle! This three day cleanse and detox is designed to kickstart a healthy eating plan and cleanse your system.

Be sure to drink plenty of water while completing the Three Day Cleanse and Detox. We recommend drinking four 12-ounce glasses per day of either spring, filtered, or distilled water. Avoid flavored or sweetened water. It is recommended to juice twice daily. We like to use the Breville Juice Fountain.

This detox does not include added sweeteners, caffeine, dairy, wheat or gluten, or animal protein.

Three-Day Cleanse & Detox

NOTE: The three day cleanse & detox has recipe recommendations listed under each photo. Scroll to the end to find the free shopping list download for all the recipes listed. You can also find the download and tips for success here.

Early Morning Beverage

Lemon Ginger detox drink

Lemon Ginger Detox Drink Recipe

You’ll drink this beverage daily, but be sure to prepare it fresh each morning.

Breakfast Options

For breakfast, choose any of the beverages above. You can alternate each morning or stick with the same one!

Mid-Morning Snack

Vegetables & Nuts

We highly-recommend using the freshest veggies you can, but feel free to cut them up the night before.


Cucumber, Tomato, and Avocado Salad

This crisp and flavorful salad is loaded with nutrients and healthy fats to help get you through the day.

Mid-Afternoon Snack Options

You can choose any of the recipes above for your mid-afternoon snack.


Flush The Fat Away Vegetable Soup

You can prepare this recipe once and eat it all 3 days to save time!

Before Bed Beverage

Chamomile Tea

Prepare fresh each night!

Download your FREE Cleanse & Detox Shopping List here!

Detox adapted from the book Hungry for Change – Ditch the Diet, Conquer the Cravings, and Eat Your Way to Lifelong Health.

As with any change in diet, we recommend that you consult your doctor before beginning the cleanse and detox. If you are allergic to any ingredients do not include them in your cleanse, instead using an alternative.

Disclaimer: The Three-Day Cleanse and Detox plan provided on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from a physician or other healthcare professional. The Three-Day Cleanse and Detox has not been officially evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, nor have the results of the Three-Day Cleanse and Detox been established as medical fact.

Consult a physician regarding the applicability of the Three-Day Cleanse and Detox with respect to your individual health. Your physician should be aware of all medical conditions that you may have as well as the medications and supplements you are taking.

Skinny Ms. makes no warranties or representations regarding the results to be achieved from the Three-Day Cleanse and Detox, and results are likely to vary from participant to participant.

Any detox tips you want to share with us? Share with us in the comments!

Additional Detox Recipes

This instant pot green detox soup will fill your belly and wamr your soul!

In the mood for more detoxifying recipes? Try our Instant Pot Green Detox Soup for lunch or dinner! You can also give this Apple Cider Vinegar and Cranberry Detox Drink a try to get your mornings started off right!

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Editor’s Note: Originally published October 21, 2012 

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  1. trying this today is day 1 what does she mean to juice twice daily ? is that in addition to the plan? anyone with information i would appreciate it very much!

    1. Julie, Juice for breakfast and mid-afternoon if you like. Mid-afternoon is option. On my 3rd day…going well.

  2. I know it says not to have caffeine but I am having some major withdrawls right now. Will it hurt to much if I have one cup of coffee?

  3. Are these bean sprouts or alfalfa sprouts? The photo for the salad and the green bean salad looks like you are maybe using both? Thx!

    1. Bree, You can prepare in the morning and drink the same day. Sometimes I’ll have juice leftover at the end of the day and it’s fine the next morning.

  4. What about exercise? I take an intense gym class…do you recommend doing this during the cleanse or should I do something lighter, like a light jog?

    1. Larissa, It depends on your energy level. Some people continue working out as usual…me included. Others, feel a little weak the first day or two. Listen to your body!

  5. Lydia, I’ve done it up to 7 days at a time. Check with your doctor first, but this cleanse includes whole foods and not just liquid.

  6. I don't have a juicer so do the smoothies count as juicing? Also on the coconut milk smoothie it says a serving size is 1/2 the recipe so can you just save the other half for the next day or is it better to make half a recipe?

    1. Emily, Smoothies are even better because all the nutrients remain. Smoothies tend to be a lot thicker than juice, so either add more liquid or make half the recipe.

  7. I am starting this tomorrow! Shopping today, thank you so much for posting a clear and concise cleanse online!

  8. I am starting day 3 tomorrow. My energy level is great! I have made juices both in the blender and a juicer and I prefer the "juicer" juice. The detox juices are really easy to drink! I must say I do look forward to the snack of nuts in the afternoon and evening. Thanks for such a great cleanse!

  9. Hi – on the green bean salad, is the 1 c quinoa cooked or before cooked? Is it like couscous that doubles in size?

  10. I have another question (and thanks for the quick reply!) – I have almond milk anyway which I am obsessed with, but I can't figure out where to use it. Instead of the coconut milk in the coconut smoothie? I'm starting today and will do another smoothie first but am curious. I'll report back when done!

  11. Day 1 almost done with my 3 day detox and cleanse. Man this is HARD! Totally different for me but I’m going to finish it. Note to self: NO more lemons from Costco…TOO big and TOO sour! Killin me & I LOVE lemons! ha ha Trader Joes…SOOOO much better! Going to switch that out tonight! 😉

  12. Did this…was hard but easy…headache but then felt ok. Recipes were great! lost 5lbs while doing it as well. Nice 😉 Jump started my weight loss once again. Thanks

    1. wow that is awesome. Just finished a 7 day cleanse and lost 8 pounds and 4 inches off my waist, belly and hips!!!

      1. i saw the salad recipe (cucumber, tomato and avocado) but on the picture it says garden salad with lemon/oil dressing. are you able to do either or?

  13. About to start the cleanse, but have a question: Do you drink the wake up drink right when you wake up? How long after are you suppose to wait to have the breakfast?

    1. Rebecca, That’s a question for your doctor. We did have another reader say that she checked with her doctor and was given the go ahead. However, everyone is different with different needs, so definitely give your doctor a call first. Keep us posted! 🙂

  14. I'm 12 and really interested in being healthy. I tend to have some low blood sugar because I'm growing a ton right now! Would it still be okay for me to do this cleanse because I'm so young?

    1. Mariah, I would definitely recommend discussing with your parents and doctor before starting any type of cleanse. The detox is geared toward adults so that will have to be a discussion with you, your parents and doctor. Thanks for the question! 🙂

  15. Not sure I understand… you list Breakfast recipes as Mean Green Juice, super detox,cleanse & detox and coconut milk.
    BUT then you say breakfast to choose from Mean green juice 1, mean green 2, mean green 3 and 4…
    So what list do we really do??? Because for the Mean green juice 1,2,3,4 the ingredients are not on the shopping list??
    And when you say have two juices a day that means one of something from above for breakfast and you would rather us have another one from above for the mid-afternoon and not the other choices on the list??

      1. Ok thanks, I did do some tweaking!! Just started it today.

        Ok I have another question… I made the "Mean Green Juice 1 today for breakfast. Do you want us to drink the entire thing?? OMG it made SO much!!!!!!! OR is it for all 3 days????

  16. hey, looking for a cleanse. would you reccomend this for a male, or do you suggest fine tuning the cleanse for a male body?

    1. Hi Chris, This cleanse is for both women & men. The only difference might be that your portions are a little larger, that’s it! Keep us posted. 🙂

  17. Can I skip the afternoon snack? I feel like throwing up just thinking about all that food. Also, using spinach instead of kale as they were out of stock and I didnt want to put it off any longer. 🙂

    1. Spinach instead of kale is fine. If you can’t eat the afternoon snack don’t worry about it. Just be sure you don’t go hungry for this cleanse. 🙂

  18. I am thinking of doing the detox with my 16 year old daughter and husband. I am scheduled for surgery in the next few days and wasconcerned about detoxing with pain meds in my system. Should I wait or would the detox still be bbeneficial?

  19. How often should this detox plan be done? Really excited about it how well laid out it is which makes it more motivating. Thank you!

  20. Do you recommend adding Aloe Vera juice to at least one of the smoothies each day, as it's very cleasning. or would it be too much?

  21. Starting Tomorrow! Can't Wait! I'm Thinking Of Doing This For 1 Week Cause My System Needs A Reset. Will This Be Okay?

    1. Nicola, Sure…this cleanse is about eating whole foods and avoiding not so healthy foods. Just be sure to eat enough and never starve your body of healthy whole foods. 🙂

  22. I just got thru the cleanse. I didn't do it to lose weight… more so just to get back on track. However, I did lose some and would love to keep it off!! Any tips/tricks?? I already eat pretty clean and I'm afraid it will all just come back on once I start eating normally. Maybe one of the drinks each day (or three days a week) for a meal?

  23. Might be a silly questions, but I still have some fruits and veggies in my fridge to use up, things like asparagus and romaine lettuce and a couple oranges. Is it okay to add the veggies to the salad or snack and have an orange on the side?

  24. would a food processor smash up the food enough to drink,? or would a blender do better? dont have a juicer,, thanks

    1. You can, but remember that there are artificial sweeteners in the sugarless gums, which don't really belong in a detox or a clean eating diet.

  25. Hi I just started the cleanse today is the is the salad recipe for one serving or for all three…also is terrible if I add sweetener to my breakfast smoothie?

  26. Hi, I was wondering…is it ok if I take out one of the ingredients in a Smoothie or recipe? For example, one of them calls for papaya and I'm not really a fan of that. Thanks!

  27. Hi, is it ok to take off an ingredient or two in the smoothies and recipes? For example, I don't like papaya or kale. Thanks:)

  28. The recipe for the salad calls for roasted chicken (optional) so does that mean that we can have some protein while on this cleanse?

  29. Can you eat the Green bean and Zucchini salad for lunch as a substitute for the Garden Salad with lemon oil dressing??

  30. This may sound weird but I don't really like cooked vegetables, and a few raw ones, but I have found I can use them in smoothies( I think it has something to do with texture). So I was wondering if it would be o.k. if I puree the soup. I can do vegetables that way. I know its weird but just can't do them otherwise.

  31. hello! starting this tomorrow- so we drink the sunrise smoothie in the morning and then another juice for breakfast?

  32. I followed the guide to the foot and did the three days and lost 6 pounds. It's mostly water weight, but the bloated is gone. Plus, it teaches you the healthy lean way of snacking – totally doing this again in a couple of months. Good luck to all!

  33. Hi there, love the way this cleanse sounds! I do not have a juicer, I did try the mean green #1 drink in the blender, but found it very bitter, I think because of the kale. Do you have any modifications besides cutting the recipe in half for the blender? Is there a smoothie type recipe for a mean green drink (that doesn't include lots of fruit) and won't be as "chewy"? Thank you so much for all of your great knowledge and helpful information you provide at our fingertips;)

  34. My husband and I just completed this cleanse. I have always been skeptical of them and didn't know what would come out of it.
    During the cleanse we had our ups and downs of course, major cravings for meat, sweets and bread throughout the 3 days. When we finished we were so excited to eat 'normal' meal but afterwards we just felt really greasy and heavy.
    Now we don't crave meat, sweets, pasta any of that! I was wondering if this is normal after a cleanse and if anyone else felt like this!

    1. Melissa, Congratulations to both you and your husband! Yes, it’s very common to no longer have the cravings for those sort of foods. The whole point of the cleanse is to begin a eating clean as a lifestyle. We are currently working on a 7 Day Cleanse and Detox. 🙂

  35. On day 3 and some questions and comments.

    Was looking for a cleanse, have done 2 week and 1 week cleanses in the past with supplements and dietary changes, but this looked to be quite easy to manage and I was thrilled to find it.

    The shopping list and recipes are extremely well laid out, thanks so much. I had items on hand for the first morning drink and smoothies, then I shopped and prepped for the rest of the 3 days. That took about an hour and a half but it has been worth it.

    Impressions first day: holy cow this is a lot of food! I was completely full. I am 5'6"and 160 lbs. The Garden Salad took me three separate eatings on day 1 to finish. I did add the chicken, feeling that I needed protein as I play soccer. I later read in the blog that someone said it was a three-portion recipe, but checked the recipe and it does say 1 serving. So Day 2 I reduced the amounts. BTW it is delicious and something I would eat any day!

    Using a blender for the smoothies and having limited texture results, but enjoying the taste.

    The soup is DISGUSTING. I love all the veggies, just find that the soup has no flavour, the 30 min cooking time makes the veggies too soggy, and I usually cook my kale for 5 mins so 2-3 makes it quite chewy. Also think it has a lot of pepper in it. Eating the soup as required but will be glad when that part is over.

    Made the zucchini and bean salad over quinoa which tastes fine, but finding I'm too full in the afternoons so using the juice/smoothies instead. I can eat my leftover salad after the three days is up.

    Wondering why the are pepper and oregano in everything – are there certain cleansing properties to these? Thank goodness for the sea salt – especially on the soup!

    1. I loved reading through your feedback, both good and bad! lol I’m so excited to hear your final thoughts after day 3. We are currently working on a 7 Day Cleanse & Detox. Peppers and oregano are both very healthy, no other reason other than flavor. Be sure to keep us posted! 🙂

  36. Forgot a question! The grated ginger in the morning beverage (Sunrise Detox): am I supposed to swallow all the grated ginger or just let it flavour the drink? I'm sure I swallow some but I am having a hard time getting the dregs down.

  37. Hi, nice cleanse program, but i do have a question , would you advise to extend this program for a 2 week one month cleanse ?

    1. Ivo, We are currently working on a 7 day cleanse and detox. Our cleanses all include whole foods so that you are still setting needed nutrients. I would recommend speaking to your doctor before extending this or any other cleanse. Thanks!

  38. How much weight do most people typically lose on this cleanse and detox? Just thinking about doing it and am curious as to what to expect.

    1. Diane, It varies, from one pound to five. There are so many variables to consider, that it’s impossible to predict for any one person.

  39. Hi,

    If i do morning and mid day, can i still eat food or is it smootie only for the three days. i really need to understand before i start.

    1. Chizoba, You follow the program which includes eating whole foods. The smoothie is in addition to the other foods.

  40. I just started the 3 day detox today. I started with the lemon/ginger drink when I woke up. For breakfast I made the "Super Detox Smoothie" which made about 3-4 servings I was unable to finish my first glass and dumped it out. So I skipped the smoothie and went right into the veggies and nuts. What should i do now for lunch? And am I supposed to juice for breakfast? ~thanks!

  41. Hi, I am starting the 3 day detox tomorrow. Went out and bought most of the ingredients today, to say the least I must have had to go to at least 4 different places to get everything, but that's not unusual where I live. Having said that I cannot get lemons anywhere is there something other than lemons I can use in the morning drink and the other recipes?

  42. This detox sounds great! I do not like eating green salads, I just can't! Is there anything else I can do for lunch in place of the garden salad?

  43. after reading through the comments, i have decided that you, skinny ms., have the patience of a saint! i am looking forward to trying this detox. thanks for sharing all that you do!

  44. Starting tomorrow and just want to clarify that we have the wake up drink when we get up and then how long afterwards do we have the breakfast drink? Then we have another drink in the afternoon?


  45. Starting tomorrow and just want to clarify that we have the wake up drink when we get up and then how long afterwards do we have the breakfast drink? Then we have another drink in the afternoon?

    1. Carol, Yes, drink the lemon drink first thing. You can have the smoothie right away if you like. You choose from one of these for the afternoon snack: Mid-Afternoon Snack Recipes to Choose From
      Green Bean and Zucchini Salad or
      Vegetables & Nuts or
      One juice Mean Green Juice Recipes

  46. started today and that morning ginger drink is disgusting and the thought of drinking it again makes me sick. Any way to make it taste better? Or do you get used to it?

    1. Carol, I actually love it, but then I drink it often. If you can, I would recommend drinking it for the next two mornings. If not, just add the lemon.

    2. Drink just lemon water, without the ginger. Remove the ginger from any of the smoothies or recipes. If desired, in it's place you can put a very small pinch of cayenne pepper or simply omit altogether.

  47. Is the shopping list for one serving of everything/?/ In other words Do I double the list as I will be doing this with my husband??

  48. I made the coconut milk smoothie, it made my stomach hurt SO bad all morning. But i'm sticking to it, I made the veggie soup the night before and it's delish 🙂

    1. If the coconut milk smoothie makes your stomach hurt, you may be allergic. Please try subbing the milk for another nondairy milk such as almond milk or rice milk.

  49. Started the cleanse today…looking forward to ridding my body of toxins! And Skinny Ms., you do have the patience of a saint. Your directions were easy to follow… not sure why people are having so many issues.

    1. Melissa, Great! Thanks so much for the feedback. We make every effort to make the recipes and cleanses easy to follow. 🙂

  50. I'm on day 2 of the diet and I have been feeling terrible, almost like I have the flu. I have a headache, my body is sore, I keep coughing, and last night I had night sweats and felt cold all day. Is this normal?

  51. Do you find you need a certain type of blender to make the smoothies? I don't know if my current one would grind up Kale – that stuff is pretty tough.

  52. I started the 3 day detox cleanse today. I made the mean green juice 1 for breakfast and the garden salad for lunch. The snacks are great. They keep me full through out the day. As of now the fat flushing soup is cooking in the slow cooker. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

  53. I wrote another post in the ingredients list that I don't see, but anyway. I'm on the third day of this detox and this is my feedback, if welcomed.

    The food is delicious, as well as the smoothies I had no complaints. I did this with my family so there was a lot of clean up after, that was the nuisance but it's only three days so I just pushed through it. A few items were missing from the ingredients list for the smoothies and the soup. I had more liquid release than solid. (sorry) I haven't lost any weight or any inches but everyone is telling me that my skin is glowing so I am still happy with the results. Honestly at day 3 I am ready for "real solid food" which I will be getting from your website as well, which I'm sure will be delicious.

    The only frustration that I had was with the ingredients. Often times I would have to substitute if I ran out of something or didn't see it on the ingredients list. Other than that I recommend it for anyone who is willing to try something new. Definitely not a waste of time.

    1. Yes, you could probably eat the meals in any order, just spaced apart and still have the same cleansing effect.

  54. I started this today detox today; excited to see what happens! So far I cannot complain about the recipes!

  55. How do I actually get the 3-day program? I can only seem to get the shopping list and recipes. I did the pdf download.

  56. I started day 1 and am feeling bloated and very flush. Is this expected and anything I should do differently?
    Thank you!!

  57. Hi, I started this program this morning, so far so good except for the 12 oz lemon drink in the morning, Trying to drink this much in one shot makes me nauseous. I'm thinking I will maybe sip it slowly on my way to work and then have a breakfast shake after. Hopefully that works ok. I absolutely love the soup.. I'm thinking this will become a regular in my kitchen. 🙂

    1. Yes, if you are focused on weight loss and calories, the one cup serving has under 150 calories. If you are looking for more of a cleanse and detox, eating more of the soup will still have a cleansing effect.

  58. My spouse and I started this morning with the lemon ginger drink and a coconut/strawberry/spinach smoothie. Ever since we have both had the runs, nausea and generally felt awful! I just think you should warn people about this possible quick and intense "detox" action. As a note: we are two generally healthy people who were just trying this for fun.

  59. Hello, my husband and I are starting your detox plan this weekend. I am trying to organize the menu but am a little confused. Do we pick one option of breakfast and mid snack? I have printed out the shopping list and it lists all the ingredients for all options. If it is only one options is there a way to customize the list? Also, the red chart above the shopping list is not printable and hard to see… just wondering if this is any easy guild chart of some sort. If so can it be emailed . thx and looking forward to starting the detox. thx

    1. Hi Bee, Yes, you can choose one from the snack options for each snack time. I made the red shopping list larger on the post so that you can see it. There is also a shopping list at the bottom of the post. Good luck to you and your husband with the detox!

  60. What foods do you recommend eating the first couple of days after the detox. I'm on day 4 today, but want to start back with healthy/normal eating tomorrow. Are there certain foods to avoid? Are all fruits and vegetables game at this point? How about animal protein? Whole grains and/or whole wheat bread? Dairy? I feel like this has been a very accessible detox and will probably try it twice a year, as you've recommended. Thank you!

    1. You're welcome! If you can avoid sugar and alcohol to keep the effects of the detox going that would be ideal. Some people benefit from not eating much meat or dairy for a week after the detox. It's up to you, but avoiding refined sugars and white flours is certainly recommended everyday. Eating chicken and fish is easier for your body to digest then heavier red meats.

  61. I posted a comment yesterday and it appears it was deleted. Do I need to use the parsley in the salad? And I feel very tired and sick – like I have a cold or something – is that normal?

    1. Becka, You don't have to use parsley but it definitely is a great herb for this cleanse. It's possible your body is detoxing and you may feel a little weak initially. However, feeling sick with a cold is not the result of eating healthy. Keep us posted!

  62. This is my first day and I am really liking it so far. I feel good. The salad tastes great and so far I am doing fine without any unreasonable pangs of hunger!

  63. I am on my second day and I am a bit confused. Is the recipe for the salad for one or two? I have been cutting it in half because at the top of the recipe it says it makes two servings but it's pretty small. Thanks

    1. Karyn, The salad is so beneficial to the cleanse and low calorie that you can go ahead and eat the 2 servings, as by themselves they are rather small.

  64. Is there anything you can suggest for dinner other than the soup? I work full-time and don't have much free time. Is there anything I can substitute for dinner?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Gina, The batch of the fat flushing soup can be prepared once and will last 3 days. Otherwise to get similar nutritional benefits, you can make a salad with vegetables and add drained and rinsed canned black beans.

  65. I started today and so far so good… Everything is delicious, the morning drink, the juice the salad. For those who are not use to eating greens, I believe it helps to remind yourself that if you are eating and/or drinking that is for your own body's wellness…I am doing this affirmation and it makes me feel excited about doing this diet…

    My question is where do we use the quinoa? salad or soup? It is mention in the shopping list as optional but I can't find it in the recipes..

    Thank you so much for this post… 😉

    1. Paulina, You're welcome:). You can add 1 cup of cooked quinoa to the Green Bean and Zucchini Salad, as an option.

  66. If we have our own green smoothie can we substitute that one day instead of the others? I make it with kale, spinach, pineapple chunks, cucumber, mint leaves, banana and orange juice/coconut water

  67. I am just finishing up day 3 of the Cleanse and Detox. I have some comments/questions.

    I have a ton of food left over. I wanted to try most things so I bought everything but when I do it again I would go through the list and make sure I am only buying what I need.

    I tried a few of the smoothies … cannot drink the The Cleanse and Detox Smoothie or the Super Green Detox Drink. I could not get them down no matter how hard I tired. Is there a trick to making them smoother? There were little chucks which made it so hard to drink. I did, however, enjoy the Coconut Milk Smoothie. I can see myself having that one often.

    The morning Sunrise Lemon Ginger Detox Drink was good expect for the little chucks of ginger. I tried to get most of them down but again it was hard.

    The soup was ok. I took out half the soup and blended it and put it back in. I’m thinking next time I will blend the beans only before adding them and see how that goes. I seem to enjoy thicker soups.

    I have also realized that I am probably not doing the correct portions for some items (I think I drank a whole recipe of the Coconut Milk Smoothie and then realized I should have halved it). I’m wondering if it would be possible to put a note by each item in the list saying to half or quarter the recipe if you are doing this for the Cleanse and Detox?

    Overall I liked this Cleanse and Detox. I am wondering how often I can do this. I figure this was my first go around and I probably messed up more then I should have so I was thinking of doing it again next month. I want to lose more weight than most people so I would like to do this often to keep me on track.

    1. Jeanette, A high powered blender such as the Vitamix or even the nutribullet could make the smoothies smoother. You could puree the entire soup and have it as a pureed soup and still get the benefits. Good idea about the notes. You can do the 3- Day Cleanse and Detox once a month.

  68. Hi, I'm looking to start next week but a don't eat zucchini could I change them for cucumbers? Also, I don't eat onion and tomatoes in soup can I just take them out or do I need to replace them? if I need to replace what would you recommend.

    1. Ren, Yes you can eat cucumbers instead of zucchini and simply take the onions and tomatoes out of the soup without replacing. Enjoy!

  69. I'm on my third day so far, i think I will make it one more day. One question: I have some blackberries in the fridge, and they will spoil as I have just picked them from the garden. Can I make a coconut milk blackberry smoothie instead of the juices you provided?Can I have it as an afternoon drink? Or do you have anything with blackberries?
    Btw, for all the other readers, it's really really good for your skin as well. I have problems with adult acne and they are very pesky and persistent, in the third day, I can see my skin calmed down, it's not red anymore and the acne diminished. Pleasantly surpsirsed

    1. Louise, Yes, you can put the blackberries in the smoothie or the juice recipes. You can also add them to the salad. Feel free to snack on them during the cleanse. They are a great part of a cleanse.

  70. I'm on day 2 and I'm miserable… Love the food and want to finish but my skin looks awful and I'm constantly itching…is this my body detoxing? I hope so because I'm looking forward to clearer skin and overall better Heath. Thanks for your reply!!

    1. Lisa, These can be a common sign of detoxing, yes. Less likely, but possible, is that you are mildly allergic to one of the ingredients. If it's a vegetable, fruit, or nut you haven't eaten much of before, pay attention to how you feel after eating it.

  71. Hi, I have read through all the meals and ingredients and iam really looking forward to starting this cleanse! I was wondering if there is something else I can drink when I wake up? I am unable to stomach lemon and grated ginger. I really want to be able to put 100% into this detox just looking for another wake up recipe that will be just as benificial. Thank you!

    1. Shannon, That’s great! Is the texture what’s bothering you? You can just slice the ginger for the water and let it sit in there overnight. You don’t have to drink the ginger. Otherwise, omit the ginger and just have lemon water. Lemon water by itself is cleansing.

  72. If I used frozen Kale is that still as good or should I stick with the fresh, same with the ginger. my local store doesnt carry fresh ginger root…can I use the powder.

    1. Samantha, Frozen Kale is okay to use. Fresh ginger would be much better to use. If you do go with the powdered ginger, it is okay– just use a very little bit such as 1/16 to 1/8 teaspoon because it's very concentrated. Thanks.

  73. Looking into doing this, however, I'm allergic to avocado. Is coconut oil or a nut butter a good substitute? If not, what would you suggest?

    1. Anna, The avocado is optional in the salad, so you can just omit it. If you want to replace it, however, 12 walnuts or almonds would be a good substitute. If found in the smoothies, a tablespoon or 2 of nut butter would be the perfect substitute:).

  74. Can you substitute chick peas for the black beans in the soup? Also, I do not like spinach or kale. Any suggestions for substitutes for kale and spinach?

    1. Michele, Yes you can substitute chickpeas for the black beans. For the spinach in the salad, just use a leafy salad green such as spring mix or mesclun. For any greens in the soup, you can add a different green vegetable such as snow peas or snap peas.

  75. Hi there, I have started this detox today and I am so starving! I have been eating exactly to the plan but am just constantly hungry and tired. I had a green smoothie for breakfast, the veges and nuts for morning snack and the salad for lunch and I am still so hungry. Is there anything else that we can have to fill us up? Is there any milk that I could drink that is dairy free that would be ok?

  76. I am going to be doing the cleanse in a week and trying to plan this out first. You say to have the Wake Up Drink within 15 minutes of getting up. How long after that should you have the Breakfast Drink?

  77. Started this today and finding it relatively easy. Just 2 many portions of soup shoukd I get from following the fat flushing soup recipe? Also in the smoothie recipes is that all for 1 smoothie?

    1. Katie, That is great. The Flush the Fat Away Soup recipe technically has 8 1-cup servings but you can have 2 cups of the soup while on the cleanse if you are hungry. There should be enough there to have for all 3 days. The Cleanse and Detox Smoothie is one serving. You can look at the nutrition information on the others when you click through to see if they are one or two servings. If two, the remainder can be frozen in ice cube trays and pureed in the blender the following day.

    1. Angie, The Mean Green Juice can be two servings, though it will not hurt the detox if you have it all during the day. It can be refrigerated for one day/overnight or frozen in ice cube trays and defrosted later for drinking.

  78. I shopped last night and have started the cleanse today. I am confused by the option of adding a chicken breast to the lunch time salad. Since it clearly says that this cleanse doesn't include any animal proteins. Do I eat the chicken breast, or not?


  79. Besides the lemon ginger water in the am how much water is recommended daily . Also can u take acetometaphin or ibuprofen while on the cleanse ( I get headaches when I stop caffein )

    1. Cliggy, You don't have to stop caffeine. You can drink any kind of caffeinated tea you like so black, green, white tea are all good options. Hope that helps:).

  80. Should we still take our daily vitamins and supplements while on the detox ? Also what about acetometaphin or ibuprophen . Thanks

  81. I plan to start the cleanse in the next day or so, along with my mom and sister. I found the instructions to be pretty clear and it seems like enough food. My only concern is the lack of protein. What is the reason for limiting protein intake? I thought we needed protein for energy, fat burning, blood sugar stabilization, etc. Do you ever add protein powder to your smoothies? I'm trying to learn more about nutrition and healthy eating so any comments are appreciated. Thanks so much for all of your hard work on this site – I think it's great!

  82. Hi love the 3 day detox, feel great and lost weight, can I do the diet again the following week or
    is it best to wait a while.

    1. Hi Sandra, This detox includes whole foods, not just liquids, so it should be fine to do within a week or two. Three days of eating healthy, clean foods should be fine. If you have
      any real concerns please check with your doctor. 🙂

  83. I would like to think you for your website and all your help so far! I have done the cleanse here almost to a T..with one minor failure due to a work party in which I really limited myself from eating most of the bad foods. I lost 6 pounds, I want to continue to work out and eat right. Your plans on this site are keeping me on track. I am learning about some interesting ingredients as well! I am getting married in one year so I definitely more motivated now!! THANK YOU!!

    1. Priscilla, Thank you so much for the feedback!!! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, that's so exciting. Keep us posted. 🙂

  84. On my second day of the three day detox. It’s really working well, I have already lost weight and have a lot more energy. Love the salads !

  85. I did this cleanse for 5 days and it was amazing! I included apple cider vinegar in the mornings but other than that I followed it to a T. I now have continued on the same meal plan with a few changes. Mid morning is a protein shake, adding lean protein to lunch salad And adding lean protein with dinner. I’ve been doing this for 6 months and I’ve lost 24kg (around 50 pounds) Thank you for the kickstart I needed!!

  86. I did this for the three days – it was great. I really feel like my belly went down. First time in a while that something worked. Question – what do you do for the 4th day and rest of the time? Is there another regular diet to follow, I saw the recipes, but didn’t see a plan to follow such as the 3 day detox, which is so helpful! Any help would be great.

  87. I would like to do the 3 day cleanse however I don’t like smoothies or juicing. Is there a substitute.? I read through the comments to see if this question was already asked but didn’t see anything. Thank you!

  88. I would love to do this cleanse, but I do not need to lose much weight. I mainly want to just clean out my system to make it healthier and stop sugar cravings. Is this still a good cleanse to do?

  89. Hello skinny Ms, today is my first day, everything has been great until now( Dinner time) honestly, I don’t think I can finish this soup ? so please is there any substitute for it ?

      1. Thank you. I made the old-fashioned vegetable soup and I really enjoyed every bit of it. Btw today’s my last day(3rd day) and I’m really proud of myself. I can’t wait to finally say ‘I made it’ later before Going to bed or perhaps tomorrow morning. Lol

  90. Hi getting everything together today to start the cleanse tomorrow, can’t see where the quinoa is used. It’s on the shopping list though?

  91. Looking at the total calories for this detox, not including snacks is only 631 cals for the day!
    I am to stick to no lower than 1200 Cal per day. Can I increase some of the recipes to ensure my calorie goal is achieved?

    1. Cathy, There are options for the 3-day cleanse, this way you can decide what works best for you. Definitely eat enough food to equal 1200 calories per day.

  92. I’ve had some extra almonds as a snack – also realized now that the salad recipe was 2 servings – no wonder I was so full!!! Looking for detox benefits rather than weight loss…. Will I be ok even with my mistakes??? Also, what about some trader joes hummus with my veggie snack?

    1. Amanda, You should be fine since you’re eating healthy. As far as hummus, it really depends on the ingredients. Just make sure they’re all clean. 🙂

  93. Hello, So I was reading over the 3Day cleanse and was wondering if i can do this cleanse once a week?And i just follow the instructions as is right like just repeat the steps

    1. Elizabeth, It’s a very healthy cleanse which include whole foods. I would recommend giving a call to your doctor to make sure 3 days a week is O.K. for you, as everyone’s healthy needs are different. 🙂

  94. Im allergic to celery (makes my throat itchy) I noticed smoothies, soup ask for celery can these be omitted or any suggestions on substitutes?

  95. I’m starting the 3 day detox today, Just wondering if you can have green tea during the day or you must follow exactly what they tell you to do?

    1. Ginette, Green tea should be fine, just make sure not to add sweeteners. I recommend a squeeze of lemon. 🙂

  96. I’m excited to be starting the cleanse, but I’m already missing my coffee. Is it okay to have chamomile tea in the morning and throughout the day?

  97. 3 questions 1) these smoothies sound disgusting. Are there any other breakfast options? 2) what’s the difference between juicing and the smoothies? 3)folks are posting about a sunrise smoothie but I don’t see it listed as an option. If it is an option, where’s the recipe?

    1. Jennifer, Here’s the Sunrise Smoothie recipe It’s not a recipe in the this detox.

      Smoothie: Add all ingredients to a blender, pulse until smooth, then drink. This method leaves all the nutrients in the drink.
      Juice: Fruits and/or Veggies are added to a juicer machine, a little at a time, then the juice is extracted leaving behind pulp which can be used for broth or other recipes.

      Hope this helps!

  98. Soooo this is my day one of the three day cleanse, wow a lot of food for a day, which brings me to my question of ,, is it ok to omit the mid morning or the mid afternoon snacks ? I feel like I’ve been eating all day and while I’m looking forward to the HOT soup for dinner I just can’t eat another bite before that so I want to omit the mid afternoon snack, never thought I would hear my self ever say that lol , thank you in advance !!

    1. Suzanne, Sure that’s fine! The snacks are for anyone who is still hungry and they help to prevent cheating on “not allowed” foods. 🙂

  99. I lost 5 lbs on this cleanse ?? Both my Husband and I enjoy it and do it together which helps with some of the serving sizes. I choose one smoothie for the 3 days, prepared ahead of time and froze them in zip lock bags. (Cleanse and detox smoothie) tastes like apple and cinnamon:) I made 6 bags of chopped veggies for the mid morning snack and choose the green bean & zuchinni salad for mid afternoon snack (delicious! I get requests for it all the time from my husband). The salad is very filling and the dressing is delicious. I pre juice my lemons into a mason jar for easier prep of the dressing and morning lemon water. We love the soup! Which lasts for all 3 days for the two of us. I add the spinach just before serving each night… I just portion out our soup into a pot and add it in then while reheating the soup. Sometimes I add the quinoa if I’m feeling hungry. This is a go to for getting back on track for us multiple times a year. Honestly, the hardest part for me is drinking enough water. The time I didn’t keep track of it nor cared as much, I didn’t lose as much weight. So DRINK UP 🙂

    1. Crystal, WOW…these are some great tips! Thank you so much for the tips and feedback. Here’s my tip on how to drink enough water:

      Depending on your daily water intake, for example, if your goal is 8 (8 ounce) glasses per day:

      Tear 8 small pieces of paper and place in a small bowl. Every time you drink a glass, remove a piece of paper. Know that by the end of the evening, all
      pieces of paper must be set aside. I started doing this over one year ago. It may sound silly, but it works! I drink 12 (8 ounce) glasses each and my skin, hair, nails, etc.. have improved 100%. I feel like I look several years younger. Give it a try and keep us posted! 🙂

  100. Dear Gale, I would absolutely love that you included a grocery list for this Cleanse & Detox! Please please please make them for your other day/week meal plans 🙂 it would be a HUGE help.

  101. What is the quinoa on the shopping list for? Also does juicing for breakfast have better weight loss results than the coconut smoothie or green smoothie?

  102. Can I add kabocha squash instead of sweet potato for the soup? Day one today! I’m also having soup for lunch instead of salad cause it’s cold!

  103. Excited to try this cleanse/detox. Can I use plain balsamic vinegar on salad instead of the dressing, or is only apple cider vinegar allowed?

  104. Good afternoon. I am all ready to start tomorrow. Just asking your opinion. I usually take fish oil, Oseo-flex, and CoQ10 every day, my own decision. Should I hold off on taking those for the three days? Maybe just cut the Fish oil to stay away from the meat theme? Thanks for your opinion.

  105. If I don’t have a juicer is it okay to not juice at all throughout the cleanse and just drink the smoothies? If so, would you recommend cutting the recipe in half?

    1. Robyn, Do you have a blender? I have used my blender in the past and strained it though a mesh colander.

      If you drink just the smoothies, follow the serving size.

  106. Thank you the strainer worked great! I like the juice better. I am finishing my tea on day 3 and enjoyed the cleanse. I feel great and enjoyed all the foods and didn’t ever feel hungry . Will definitely do this again but to clarify, when you say you reccokend 2 juices daily- should we be replacing a snack for a 2nd juice?

  107. Hello! I am on day 1 of the cleanse, and this morning I had the coconut smoothie, is it possible to eat the portions of the items by themselves instead of putting them into the blender? I didn’t like the smoothie, I like all the items, but not mixed together.

  108. Where does the banana come in from the shopping list? I don’t see it in any of the smoothies or recipes?

    1. Hi Jill,

      The banana would come from the Coconut Milk Smoothie under Breakfast Options 🙂

    1. Hi Keisha, our recipe links are listed under the photo for each meal or snack. This particular cleanse & detox does not include a garden salad, instead there is a recipe link for a cucumber, tomato, and avocado salad!

  109. Just finished my 3 day detox and I’m feeling great! It was a lot better than I thought it would be, but I must say I was hungry all 3 days lol. I will be trying this again in the future. Thank you!

  110. I combined this with the cabbage soup 7 day diet since it includes days of various veggies and fruits. I mostly used the fat burning soup, and I lost 8 pounds! I will be continuing some of the smoothies this week because they are so healthy.

  111. I tried this back in March. I was at a weight loss plateau for months. I lost 5 lbs in 3 days. I liked the cleanse and detox smoothie and cucumber, tomato and avocado salad so much I am still eating them almost every day 2 months later.

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