3 Move Workout for Toned Butt & Legs

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It’s true, you can get a gorgeous butt & legs with only 3 moves. Fitness models and experts often use just 3 simple moves to get a tight butt and gorgeous legs. Squats, Lunges & Deadlifts are the moves that will take your lower body to the next level. We’ve designed a circuit routine that will burn fat, tighten, tone and reshape your butt & legs.

Whether you’re a beginner or ready for a more advanced workout, we’ve got both. It’s recommended that this workout be performed two times weekly for optimal results. Be sure to watch the video for correct form.

Beginner Workout: Use body weight only; Complete 2 circuits; no rest between exercises; rest 1 minute after each circuit.

1. Squats – 12 repetitions
2. Lat Lunge – 12 repetitions each side
3. Deadlifts – 12 repetitions.
Rest 1 minute
(Repeat for a total of 2 circuits)

Intermediate & Advanced Workout: Complete 4 circuits; use dumbbells for lunges and either dumbbells or a barbell for squats & deadlifts; no rest between exercises; rest 30 seconds after each circuit.

1. Squats – 15 repetitions
2. Lat Lunge – 15 repetitions each side
3. Deadlifts – 15 repetitions.
Rest 30 seconds
(Repeat for a total of 4 circuits)


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4 Comments on "3 Move Workout for Toned Butt & Legs"

  1. guest  July 11, 2012

    What is a good weight to use for the squats, lunges, dead lift?

    • Skinny Ms.  July 11, 2012

      Michelle, As much as you can lift with good form. For squats and lunges, I'd recommend no more than 10 lb dumbbells, deadlifts no more than 20 total with a barbell. If you just started, just use your body weight and increase in small increments every few weeks.

  2. Jacinda Cole-Johnson  September 13, 2012

    If you can get through the 15 reps easily, then increase the weight, if you can barely get through the 15 reps, decrease the weight. So use weights heavy enough that it's difficult towards the end of your reps but light enough that it isn't too hard to get through all the reps. If that makes any sense? ie; if you're using dumbells for lunges, maybe start with 10 lb DB's and if that's too easy, increase to 15's.

    • Skinny Ms.  September 14, 2012

      Jacinda, Great tips …thanks! 🙂


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