30-Day Back-to-School Total Body Burn Workout

Thirty days of work to keep your summer body into the new school year!

Heading back to school means that it’s Autumn again! As that cooler weather sets in, we start to crave more comfort foods. Combine these cravings with the added stress that being back on campus brings, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for weight gain. Of course, being back in school means more opportunities to socialize too! If you want to look your best, our 30-day back-to-school total body burn workout can help! It offers eight exercises that’ll blast fat and keep the extra weight off. Stay energized and healthy throughout the entire school year!

Total Body Burn Workout To Blast Fat

Get rid of unwanted summer pounds with this 30-Day Back-to-School Total Body Burn Workout

Typically the end of Summer brings frequent barbecues and beach trips, as you take full advantage of the few remaining lazy days you have left (before responsibility sets back in.) These Summer days usually include lots of yummy foods that can quickly bring back the extra unwanted pounds. Don’t worry! We’re here to keep you on track!

For this workout, you’ll need a range of dumbbells (medium to heavy), a yoga mat, a chair or bench, and an interval timer which most phones have.

Follow the schedule below. For weeks 1 and 2 perform each exercise for 30 seconds with no rest in between and complete 3 rounds. For weeks 3 and 4, perform each exercise for 45 seconds with no rest in between and complete 4 rounds. Rest 40 seconds in between each round. We’ve included instructional videos for each exercise below.

How to Modify for Beginners: If you’re still new to fitness and want to enjoy this total body burn, here’s a simple modification. For weeks 1 and 2 perform each exercise for 30 seconds and rest for 45 seconds in between each round, completing 3 rounds total. For weeks 3 and 4, perform each exercise for 45 seconds with 1-minute rest in between each round, completing 4 rounds.

The 4-Week Schedule

Week 1: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Week 2: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

For the last two weeks of this total body burn, reverse the workout order and start with plank hops to improve fat-blasting.

Week 3: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Week 4: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

  • Burpees: Always a great exercise to get your heart rate going. Jump high and move fast!
  • Squat to Overhead Press: A great compound exercise to build stronger legs and toned and sexy arms — mostly triceps and shoulders. Grab medium dumbbells.
  • Bicep Curl to Press: Another compound exercise. This time you’ll build better biceps and retarget your triceps and shoulders. Blasting your triceps will help get rid of any arm jiggle that’s been lingering. Grab medium dumbbells.
  • Dumbbell Jackknife: An ab workout that stretches and compresses both lower and upper abs simultaneously for a stronger and more defined midsection. Grab a medium dumbbell.
  • Jump Rope: Time to get your heart rate back up. Whether you do standard two-leg jumps or switch up your rhythm, be free and enjoy the variety of moves. These a great total body exercise.
  • Dumbbell Step-up: More leg work to strengthen those large glutes. Grab a medium to heavy dumbbell to get the most out of this exercise.
  • Plank: Stronger core building for carrying your school necessities around.
  • Plank Hop: More plank work but with some movement to keep your heart rate slightly up while also building your core muscles and overall core stability.

You need fuel to focus and get through the entire school day, especially if you want the full benefits of this total body burn workout to blast fat to get you the best results. Try any of these 9 Quick, But Healthy, Back-to-School Breakfasts to start your day off right.

Instructional Videos


Squat to Overhead Press

Bicep Curl to Press

Dumbbell Jackknife

Jump Rope

Dumbbell Step-up


Plank Hop

A total body burn workout isn’t all you’ll need to blast fat and keep it off. Learn these 30 Simple Changes for Living a Healthier Lifestyle to make a major difference in your life.

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