Hit Your Plateau? Try These 4 Fab Fat-Burning Foods

Keep losing when you hit your plateau!

Weight loss means different things to different people. For women especially, a simple combination of healthy eating and exercise might not be enough to keep loosing weight. If you have reached a plateau (the point in your where progress slows) in your weight loss, we have a foods you can add to your grocery list that can help you blow past the plateau and keep the pounds coming off.

Continual weight loss requires that you approach things from a variety of different angles. Cross training, changing up the foods you eat and doing regular body cleansing (one day of liquid fasting per month) can help keep your body guessing meaning that it will continue to burn fat at an accelerated rate. Eliminating artificial ingredients, fatty foods and large amounts of meat can help get healthier foods into your diet and leave room for lots of water. Exercise routines should always include at least 15 minutes of cardio, and 10 or more minutes of weight training including a 5 minute warm up and cool down period. a few times a week. If you find that you don’t have the time for a 45 minute workout, you can stay active but still will need to make the time for a complete workout at least 3 times a week to see optimal results.

Eat More Protein. Snacking on carbohydrate-rich foods during the day supplies you with energy, but eating fruits and vegetables can also leave your body needing more protein. Think about snacking on a protein-rich snack instead of crackers or fruit (which is high in sugar) and substitute with an 8 oz glass of a chocolate protein shake. You can mix in a cube of soft tofu for additional texture and protein, or yogurt. Lifting weights in the gym or doing any kind of weight training leaves your body searching for protein to keep those arms, abs and legs toned. Muscular bodies need protein to keep lean muscle tissue developing and bodies with more muscle tissue also burn fat and calories faster than bodies with higher fat content. To keep your body from pulling protein from muscle stores, up your protein intake. You can find out your body fat percentage by calculating your body mass index (BMI). Body Mass Index is a number calculated from your height and weight that indicates your body fat percentage. Find out your BMI here.

Fat-Burning Foods. Many women make the mistake of getting into a routine and stop seeing results as the body becomes complacent. Eating different foods is as important to your weight loss as changing up your fitness routine. There are tons of fat burning supplements on the market but you can steer clear of them if you know about fat burning foods.

Here are 4 Fabulous Fat-Burning Foods you can add to your diet today:

Coconut Oil – Contains MCT’s that help reduce fat storage. Try some today!

Chia Seeds – Effective appetite suppressant that contains essential nutrients. Try it!

Caraway Seeds – Reduces bloating, and water weight. Try this fat-blasting seed today!

Protein Powder – Increases protein intake without eating tons of calories, or feeling overly full. Contains essential nutrients used to maintain lean muscle mass, and thus burn more calories. Get yours here!

SkinnyMs. provides tons of ideas to help you get these foods into your diet. Check out our Slow Cooker Cookbook at the SkinnyMs. Bookstore for recipes that offer delicious, nutrient-rich meals you can make easily. Top soups and salads with caraway seed, or thicken a stew with chia seed! Add protein powder your favorite SkinnyMs. shake or these tasty No-Bake Bars. The possibilities are endless, so download your e-book now for great, healthy meals all week.

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