40 Quinoa Recipes You’ll Love

Honey Roasted Carrot and Quinoa Salad


16. Quinoa with Walnuts, Radishes, and Spring Onions
This recipe uses edamame, or soy beans- one creative dish that uses two interesting protein-rich ingredients that everyone should eat more of.

17. Caramelized Cauliflower, Roasted Red Pepper and Quinoa Salad
Lime and Honey add some tangy sweetness tossed with delicious roasted cauliflower, charred peppers, and quinoa.

18. Shredded Kale and Quinoa Salad with Creamy Tahini Dressing 
Tahini, or sesame paste, used in mediterranean and mideastern cooking, most popularly hummus, makes for a the perfect dressing for this kale and currant quinoa salad.

19. Quinoa salad with Tibeten Herb Dressing 
This recipe  has thin green beans, grape tomatoes and a zesty dressing.

20. Quinoa Veggie Burgers with Pickled Red Onions 
Excellent recipe. The pickled onions call for miniscule amount of refined sugar- ½ teaspoon, simply swap out with sucanat, palm sugar, or natural sweetener of choice if desired.

21. Honey Roasted Carrot and Quinoa Salad 
Roasting carrots brings out the natural sweetness in this recipe. Honey’s perfectly good, but maple syrup would work here, too, for a vegan alternative!

22. Quinoa Tabouli 
This ruby-red, vitamin-rich play on tabouli (usually made with bulghur wheat and parsley, but no beets) Beets, sometimes called “dirt candy” because of their natural sweetness, are one of those vegetables that are in season year-round, winter through summer.

23. Grilled Avocado with Quinoa Salad 
Grill the avocado? Who’d have thunk it? This is a creative salad in a creamy avocado. All in all, this salad is a great source of healthy fats, protein, and vitamins from the vegetables…And tasty too!

24. Quinoa Salad
Cooked quinoa is used instead of greens in this mixed salad with pumpkin seeds, chopped cranberries, and garbanzos. It’s topped with an easy-to-prepare homemade vinaigrette.

25. Quinoa Pasta Salad 
This “pasta” salad is made without the pasta. Quinoa is used in its place. Fresh herbs and olives make it extra-tasty.

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  1. It's hard to get sick of quinoa when there are just so many different options! Definitely trying out the chili this weekend

  2. I'm fascinated by this foods versatility. I'm a fairly new vegetarian and delving more into more diversified recipies. I'm trying to figure out how to use this to replace flour, and flour really doesn't agree well with me.

    1. We love it, too, Enrique. You can try using quinoa flour. It can't completely replace wheat flour, but by using 1/2 and 1/2, you can cut down on the wheat flour.

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