5 DIY Herb Garden Ideas

Fresh herbs can make your meals pop!

Fresh herbs not only make your meals pop, but they also deliver health benefits! Buying them from the grocery store, however, comes with a high price tag. Planting a do-it-yourself herb garden will give you constant access to truly fresh herbs for very little expense, and, depending on the type of project you undertake, little effort.

All you need to plant an herb garden is a container, soil, herbs or seeds, and a drainage plan. A lack of space or fancy planting pots may cause some to hesitate, but the following herb garden examples show that you don’t need much space or traditional plantings vessels to grow your own herbs. Whether you’re looking to save space, use items that are on-hand, or simply add some beauty to the process, this DIY herb garden roundup will inspire you.

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Mason Jar Herb Garden
Mason jars aren’t only for food and drink – you can use them as planters as well! Drainage can be facilitated by placing pebbles at the bottom of the jar; water will run through the soil to the pebbles, where it will be available to keep the soil moist. For maximum space saving (and a touch of beauty), you can mount your mason jars diagonally on a wooden plank and hang it up on the wall for a mixture of gardening and art. See Camille Styles’ page for step-by-step instructions.

Colander Herb Garden
A bowl full of holes – a perfect vessel for your garden! Simply pack soil into an old colander and plant your herbs. You can use this as an indoor or outdoor garden; if indoors, just transfer it outside at watering time.

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Tea Tin Herb Garden
If you want to keep your herbs separated and have minimum space indoors, or you’re just looking for a particularly beautiful garden, this tea tin option is for you. Simply nail some holes into the bottom of each tin, fill with soil and plant your herbs. At watering time, transfer them outside or place a plate, saucer, or other water-catcher beneath them. See Designed By Chance for the how-to.

Coffee Can Herb Garden
If coffee is more your style, use the old cans as planters. These can be modified to hang outdoors on a fence by drilling a couple holes and adding some rope. Check out StuffStephDoes for instructions.

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Vertical Pallet Herb Garden
A great space-saving option, pallet gardens allow you to plant a wide variety of herbs in one compact vessel. This option requires a bit of work, but the rustic look and convenience of a single container may appeal to some. This video provides instructions involving a few tools and extras, including cardboard and fabric. .

If you’ve visited the links above, you know that a beautiful image can inspire. Visit our Pinterest page for recipe ideas that you can use your fresh herbs in.

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