5 Effortless Tips to Burn More Calories

Add these painless, calorie-burning activities to your day, and brace yourself for amazing results!

In this day and age, everything from technology to our lifestyles constantly moves forwards at a fast pace. Tasks that required our physical exertion in the past can now be accomplished by the push of a button. Although we praise this advanced generation where the possibilities seem endless and infinite, we’ve physically become slower and less active. Even squeezing a gym routine in your daily schedule might not be enough aerobic activity to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Fortunately, performing small, physical activities on a frequent basis can do wonders to your health and help you lose or maintain your weight. This extra effort on your part is a snap to include in your daily regime, and the additional calories you burn certainly add up. Your body will boast a more energetic metabolic rate and make it easier for you to blast excess cals and shed unwanted fat.

1. Eat Dinner Early
More often than not, planning a meal followed by the necessary grocery shopping and preparing can push dinner towards bedtime. If you want to burn extra calories, try to eat dinner at least 3 hours before you hit the pillow. This allows your body time to sufficiently digest your food and absorb vital nutrients, and your metabolism will run effectively as you remain active during those hours. If you go to bed soon after devouring dinner, you run the risk of gaining weight as undigested sugars convert to body fat.

2. Fidget
Although it might seem annoying at first, a little squirming and shuffling here and there can scorch an extra couple hundred calories a day! Fiddle your thumbs, walk around while on the phone, or tap your feet while working at your office desk. It’ll keep your all blood-flowing, heart-pumping, calorie-burning functions in check. A little restless behavior in the privacy of your own home can remarkably affect your health and waistline!

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3. Get Your Blood Pumping During Commercials
Many commercials feed you empty information, so why fully expose yourself to them anyways? Get your blood flowing when your favorite shows cut for advertisements, and turn a useless experience into a healthy one! Anything from stretching and walking around to throwing in some crunches for a quick cardio sesh can blast additional calories and crank up your metabolism. For quixk and simple exercise options to squeeze in while the ads ramble away, check out 11 Quick Cardio Workouts or 5 Quick Workouts for Absolute Beginners.

4. Serve Before You Snack
Grabbing a handful of nuts as you rush out the door, or mindlessly snacking on chips from the bag can result in a calorie-overload crime you won’t even know you’re committing! If you can’t see how much you’re consuming, you’re likely to overeat. Before you know it, the surplus of calories you just inhaled can accumulate, ultimately packing on the pounds. So as a rule of thumb, take advantage of kitchen utensils and pour your munchies into a bowl or on a plate. Keeping an eye on how much you’re eating can make all the difference!

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5. Keep it Cool
Unless you consider pushing buttons on your thermostat effort, turning down the temperature is definitely one of the easiest sweat-free ways to burn more calories. Your body’s internal temperature rests at a steady 98.6 degrees Fahrenheight; therefore, putting yourself in colder situations throws off this number causing your body to use more energy to heat itself back up. Drink a tall glass of ice water or, if the weather allows, shut the heat off at night and sleep in a cooler room. No matter how you go about it, you’ll torch some extra cals without dragging yourself to the gym.

Well, there you have it! These 5 painless calorie-burning tips and tricks are a cakewalk, and prove there are ways besides powering through intense workouts to blast extra calories.

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