5-Minute Plank Challenge

This quick 5-minute routine creates big results.

This workout is not for the faint of heart. Although planks mostly target the abdominal muscle group, they are also great in building strength for the shoulders, neck, bicep, lower back, and quads when done efficiently. Prepare to feel a long lasting burning sensation! It’ll be worth it though. Five minutes of planks might sound boring, I’m sure. Wait until you’re 2 minutes in and your arms want to quit on you. The goal here is to never let your body completely touch the ground. Keep everything tight through it all and remember to breathe! Breathing will make these 5 minutes more bearable.

Equipment needed: Just a towel in case the floor gets slippery.

1. High Plank: Think top of a pushup position. Arms straight, hands flat on the floor, and keep your butt low. 15 seconds

2. Left Arm Side Plank With Hip Dips: You can either place your hand flat on the ground or rest on your forearm with a closed fist. Left hand down and the left side of your body should be facing the floor. Dip your hips down and up nice slow and controlled movement. Raise your right hand straight into the air if you want to make it a bit more challenging. Keep that core tight! 30 seconds

3. High Plank: 15 seconds 

4. Right Arm Side Plank With Hip Dips: Same as left arm, just on the right side. 30 seconds 

5. High Plank: 15 seconds 

6. Plank Sweep; Left knee to Right Elbow: You’ll start at a high plank position and your left knee will come across the body and to the right elbow and go back to the starting position. Touching the elbow is very important to get the full effect! 30 seconds 

7. Plank Sweep; Right Knee to Left Elbow: Same as above, just right knee to left elbow. 30 seconds 

8. Low plank: Rest on your forearm. You can clasp your hands together or make two fists and rest on the bottom of the fist so your pinkies are on the floor. Make a V with your forearms, butt low again and core tight. Think of bringing your belly button to your spine. 15 seconds 

9. High To Low Plank: Start at a high plank. The right arm goes down into a low plank hold then the left hand follows. Come up on the left hand then come up on the right hand so you are back in a high plank. You always want to alternate which hand you come down with and come up with to balance strength. Almost done! 30 seconds 

10. Low plank: 15 seconds 

11. Knee Raises; Right Arm Right Knee: Back into a high plank. This time knee and elbow are touching on the same side. You’re just bring the knee up and forward to meet with the elbow. 30 seconds 

12. Knee Raises; Left Arm Left Knee: Same as above. 30 seconds 

13. Mountain Climbers: Start at a high plank. Right foot forward, left foot back. You should be on the toes of each foot and alternate as fast as you can to close out strong! 15 seconds 

Keep working on this challenge! These exercise will make your arms stronger so you can withstand those holds for a longer time period as you progress in the challenge. When you’re done with this challenge, your abs and arms will be stronger and will look amazing. Maybe a 6-minute plank challenge next time? Let us know how it goes!

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