5 Steps to Running Faster

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As the weather starts to warm up, it’s the perfect time to improve on one of the best fat-burning, body-toning, and free exercises – running! Whether you’re signed up for a fun summer race, starting a new running program, or just looking for more ways to burn excess calories, these tips to run more quickly are perfect for you! Just like any other workout, practice will help you to improve. Read on for running tips that will have you passing other runners in no time!

1. Perfect your form. It’s hard to get better at something when you’re slowing yourself down from the start with improper running form. Make sure you stand as upright as possible (no slouching!) and relax your shoulders. Keep your arms swinging back and forth as you hit the ground or treadmill with the middle of your foot. And don’t forget to keep breathing deeply! For more tips on form, check out our 9 Ways to Improve Running Form!

2. Add interval training to your running plan. Alternating between fast and slower recovery bouts is one of the best ways to increase your speed. Try running at your goal speed for 1 minute, then recovering with a slower pace for 1-3 minutes. Or, stay inside on the treadmill and try this Tabata Treadmill Workout! Interval training can burn more calories than long endurance runs, too!

3. Strengthen your core! One of the most important aspects of great running is a strong core. Your abdominal and back muscles hold you upright and keep you moving throughout your run. Improve your core strength and running speed by doing some extra planks!

4. Stretch, stretch, stretch. While it’s not recommended to do static stretches (holding your stretches for a short period of time) before a run, you should definitely include them after runs and on off days. Lengthening your muscles can lead to longer strides and shorter mile times.

5. Lift some weights! Running is a lot of work, and the stronger your leg muscles are, the faster they will go during your runs! Try some our workouts to improve your leg strength and increase your running speed.

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