5 Teas that Promote Weight Loss

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There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with a warm mug of herbal tea. While it soothes and comforts, the tea’s infusion of leaves, seeds, and roots provide you with incredible health benefits. These herbal teas not only taste delicious and are super hydrating, but they also contain beneficial compounds that help you shed extra pounds.

1. Ginger Tea
Ginger tea provides your body with an abundance of health benefits, many of which can help with weight control. Along with behaving as a digestive aid, ginger acts as a thermogenic agent, helping to burn fat. In addition, it enhances satiety, increasing your feeling of fullness after a meal. Studies have also claimed that ginger can boost the body’s metabolic rate. Squeeze some lemon juice and add a drizzle of honey for extra flavor!
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2. Green Tea
Start your day off right by sipping Green tea, which will help you burn fat while delivering lasting energy. It’s no wonder why green tea ranks exceedingly popular among all teas- it behaves as an appetite suppressant and increases your body’s calorie-burning rate. At the same time it prevents insulin spikes and boosts your exercise endurance. You can burn an extra 70 calories a day by simply drinking 3-5 cups of Green tea! For yummy versions bursting with flavor, check out these recipes for Orange-Pomegranate Green Tea, or the  Green Tea Kiwi Berry Smoothie!
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3. Oolong Tea
Although the name might sound strange and unfamiliar, you’ll certainly consider befriending this tea after learning about its powerful weight loss effects. Traditional tea drinking countries like Japan and China praise this tea for its slimming reputation! First, Oolong tea boosts your metabolism and blocks dietary fat absorption. It’s also the perfect drink to turn to if you’ve recently lost weight but struggle maintaining. The Tea’s natural fat-burning effects prevent fat from accumulating over long periods of time.
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4. Hibiscus Tea
Although namely praised for its medicinal effects, Hibiscus tea can also help you on your pursuit to shed those extra pounds. The key ingredient present is an enzyme inhibitor known as ‘phaseolamin’ which blocks amylase production. Your body uses amylase to break down sugar and starch molecules and ultimately absorb these carbohydrates which can lead to weight gain. By inhibiting amylase production, Hibiscus tea prevents your body from storing too many carbohydrates.
This refreshing recipe for Hibiscus Iced Tisane is a naturally sweetened version, perfect on any time of the year!

5. Bilberry Tea
Each sip of Bilberry tea delivers savory flavor while also having numerous health benefits. Among these, it has the ability to help you control weight naturally. Bilberry tea helps your body’s blood sugar balances, and it can act as an appetite suppressant. As a bonus, it aids with digestion and can be used to soothe a troubled tummy! To fully experience this tea’s benefits, sip regularly before meals. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling satisfied with smaller portions of food!

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