5 Best Breakfast Foods to Jumpstart Your Metabolism

Breakfast is bodacious. At least, we think it is. After all, who doesn’t love a meal with the power to raise metabolism, the rate at which the body burns calories?! Many breakfast foods are perfect metabolism boosters because they’re high in complex carbohydrates, fiber, or protein. Here are the 5 best breakfast foods to raise metabolism:

  1. Whole grains: Forget nutritionally-empty toaster pastries. When you want to burn more calories throughout the day, reach for whole grains. Our Quinoa Breakfast Cereal delivers a metabolism-satisfying mix of complex carbs and protein for lasting energy.
  2. Eggs: A great source of protein, eggs provide energy to keep you—and your muscles—powered-up all day. Get started with this yummy Crustless Asparagus Quiche.
  3. Lean protein: Carnivores rejoice! You can indulge in healthful portions of lean meat as part of a metabolism-boosting breakfast. Try the ever-popular Skinny Breakfast Sausage.
  4. Fruit: The fiber in fruit makes it a natural calorie-burner. The best part is that fruit is super-versatile: add it to Greek yogurt, mix it with cereal, or enjoy it all by its awesome self. Since green tea is another metabolism mover, get a double-shot of health with our Green Tea Kiwi-Berry Smoothie.
  5. Low-fat dairy: Dairy doesn’t need to be a diet no-no! Low-fat dairy provides plenty of protein to boost metabolism naturally. Indulge in Greek yogurt, or enjoy the cheese in our Pita Pocket Breakfast Sandwich, which contains other metabolism boosters, like eggs and spinach.

Make your breakfast bodacious by adding the foods that raise your metabolism. Enjoy!

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  1. I am a life time user of warfarin. I have to limit greens. Any suggestions on foods and drinks to substitute?

    1. Rita, Just about any fruit or veggie you like. What about carrots, beets, or any other colorful fruit and veggie.

    2. Actually, you don't have to limit greens, just be consistent. I have been on wafarin for 30 years and my dr says as long as you eat the same amount of greens, etc each week, he can regulate the coumadin to what I eat. You might want to ask your dr about that theory.

    3. I am a RN in a clinic. Mary is absolutely right. Please don't limit your greens, just eat about the same amount every day. Also, let whomever is monitoring your warfarin know that you would like to increase the amount of greens you will be consuming. You might have to have your INR checked a little more often until you find a new dose that works.

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