5 Ways To Use Eggshells In Your Garden

5 eggshell hacks to help you strengthen your garden!

Next time you make scrambled eggs, think twice before tossing out your egg shells. What we commonly perceive as trash could actually be used in the garden to bring your plants back to life and prevent them from falling prey to any pests or natural elements. Here are 5 creative ways to put those scraps to good use.

1. Pest Control 

Believe it or not, crushed eggshells have the ability to double as a organic pesticide, and all it takes is a few steps to get there. Allow your eggshells to dry out completely, and then, toss them into a food processor where they turn into a fine powder. Once you have your powder, you can toss it right onto those pests in the garden. This works particularly well on beetles, slugs, and snails. Apply towards the base of the plant and in case of rain,  reapply to ensure that the powder remains.

2. Calcium Boost 

If you are just beginning to try your hand at gardening or already have a green thumb, a good, important gardening hack is the use of eggshells. One of the basic ways to use it is to provide a calcium boost to your garden. Placing ground up or chopped eggshells at the base of seedlings or plants allows the roots to soak up the calcium nutrients.

3. Bloom and Blossom

A great way to enhance the calcium properties of eggshells is to combine them with coffee grounds for tomato and cucumber plants. Both plants are susceptible to blossom end rot, which is when a hole or spot appears at the blossom of the tomato or cucumber. This is a sort of disease that can be prevented when used in conjunction with coffee grounds, which enrich the soil surrounding the plant.

4. A Little Richer 

Even if you are not sure why you are applying eggshells to your garden, it’s a great thing to do, especially because it is great for the soil just by itself. So before you add your next plant into your garden, add some ground up eggshells to the hole mixed in with the fertilizer.

5. Starting Up

Unlike all the other ways to use eggshells that call for a ground up powder, this hack simply requires a whole eggshell. Take the eggshell, form a hole at the bottom, and fill it with soil and 1 to 2 seeds. Keep it in here till it is ready to be planted and then break the shell in half and plant straight into your garden! This allows your seeds to get a nutritional start from the beginning, so they can sprout healthy.

We hope these eggshell hacks enhance your garden and make it a lot healthier! If you have any hacks that you use in your garden, share them with us in the comments down below.

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