5 Weight Loss Menus for Cold Weather

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Are you taking on a new diet? The most difficult part about dieting is picking the food, but it honestly doesn’t have to be! With cold weather creeping up, SkinnyMs. has the perfect 5 Weight Loss Menus for Cold Weather.

Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner menus, you can maintain your fitness plan while still choosing from a variety of delicious options. You have to do things that are comfortable for you.

The key is to keep your life as normal as possible… because if it’s not, you could fall off track, and that’s the last thing anyone wants to do!

1. 6 Oatmeal Recipes for Fall Weight Loss

Greet the morning will some tummy-warming comfort food that wont compromise your waistline!

The first thing you eat upon waking up dramatically impact your weight loss progress. Lucky for you, research shows eating oatmeal for breakfast can help you shed those unwanted inches, as oats carry long-lasting fuel and filling fiber to keep you satisfied for hours on end. Sweetened to perfection and oh-so tasty, these easy-to-whip-up oatmeal recipes will have you looking forward to getting out of bed!

2. 8 Skinny Soups and Stews under 275 Calories

These low cal soups and stews are just as skinny as they are tasty.

Each recipe contains ingredients with fat-burning properties that’ll help you trim down, while packing in a boatload of vitamins and minerals your body will thank you for.

Nothing beats cuddling up to a belly-warming bowl of soup or stew!

3. 15 Slow Cooker Dinner Recipes

Prepare healthy, delicious, belly-warming meals without spending hours in the kitchen.

With this genius recipe menu, you can whip up uber-nutritious meals that practically make themselves! Dive into decadent casseroles, cheesy pasta dishes, or hearty stews without the guilt, thanks to these clean-eating recipes.

Check them out!

4. 12 Best Soups for Weight Loss 

Regularly including soups at mealtime can help you lose weight, according to research.

Soups serve as a powerful weight loss tool because they often contain fewer calories than conventional meals, and broth-based soups take up volume in your stomach, helping you to feel full while you spoon up some low-cal deliciousness.

These yummy recipes will help you detox and slim down, while battling belly bloat and helping you feel your best.

5. 15 Warm Low Calorie Dinners 

Meals loaded with calories and creams might be comforting on chilly nights, but they definitely will overload your calorie count.

Instead, you can enjoy these comforting dishes without sabotaging your weight loss goals.

This cold-weather menu spotlights superfood ingredients that’ll help you get the figure of your dreams, and cool temps are the best time to break out the tummy-warming dishes!

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