Other Names for Sugar

Don't let these names trick you!

Manufacturers often attempt to disguise sugar by simply adding a sugar by another name. Below are other names of refined sugar to look for when reading ingredient labels.

Barley malt
Beet sugar
Brown sugar
Buttered syrup
Carob syrup
Cane juice crystals
Cane sugar
Carob Sugar
Castor Sugar
Corn Sweetener
Corn Sweetener Solids
Corn syrup
Corn syrup solids
Confectioners sugar
Crystalline Fructose
Demerara sugar
Diastatic malt
Ethyl maltol
Evaporated Cane Juice
Fruit juice
Fruit juice concentrate
Glucose solids
Golden sugar
Golden syrup
Grape sugar
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Icing sugar
Invert sugar
Malt syrup
Muscovado sugar
Raw sugar
Rice syrup
Sorghum Sugar
White Sugar
Turbinado sugar
Yellow sugar

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  1. I noticed Turbinado Sugar is listed on both the Other Names for Sugar and the list for Alternatives to Refined sugar….are there multiple types and one is okay vs another???

    1. Katie, Turbinado sugar is still refined sugar, it's just less refined then the white finer-grained stuff. We really recommend coconut palm sugar (low glycemic index), honey, maple syrup, stevia, or even rapadura or sucanat if you want cane sugar that is closer to table sugar. Sometimes things can be sweetened with apple juice or fruit depending on the recipe.

  2. I feel the need to mention that these are different names of sugars. As in plural! Your body doesn't process all sugars the same, so I think it's really important not to drop all sugars into the same category. 🙂

    1. Correct, Hayden. Our bodies do not process all sugars the same. While natural sugars found in fruits are better for us than refined sugars, as our bodies are forced to digest them more slowly, sugar, in any form, can be harmful if taken in excess. Because of this, It is important for consumers to be aware all names for different types of sugars.

    1. Not all stevias are created equal, so it is important to read the packaging carefully. If your stevia contains dextrose, then you are correct that it does contain sugar. Although, cane sugar is non-GMO, which may be preferable to processed ingredients.

  3. Is “Malted barley flour” the same thing as barley malt? In reading about it, it seems like maybe not, but it sounds like they “malt” the flour to bring out the sugars…or something. I find it a little confusing.

    1. Sammie-Ella, That’s up to you but I would recommend moderation, that is, opt for as little sweetener as possible. 🙂

  4. how really bad is it to eat white sugar? i have this friend who eats sugar like she’s eating food…any advice for her?

  5. There a sugar i wonder not on the list of aspertene how come not on list it came sugar they used on diet soda

    1. Cassandra, There are too many other names for sugar to lists them all. Unfortunately, companies continue to use “fake” and unhealthy sweeteners. 🙁

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