30-Day No Sugar Challenge

Skinny Ms. challenges you to eliminate all added sugar from your life. This means no refined sugar, natural sweeteners, or artificial sweeteners. Naturally occurring sugars in fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods are acceptable and recommended.

It’s important to read all the information below in order to make this a successful challenge.

Included below is a link to a shopping list with suggested food items. 

Questions & Answers:

Q: The label on my bread says that it has 6 grams of sugar but the ingredients don’t mention any kind of sugar. Which do I follow?
A: Look at the ingredients for added sugars. Most all foods have naturally occurring sugars, even vegetables and dairy. Naturally occurring sugars are acceptable and they’re healthy.

Q: What if I slip?
A: Don’t look back, the past can’t be undone. Continue on with the challenge.

Q: Will I go through withdrawals?
A: More than likely you will experience some withdrawals. Sugar is very addictive and you will likely experience some side effects. It is possible to experience headaches, weakness, and irritability. It will pass and typically takes 2-4 days to get through this phase.

Q: Can I eat raisins or dates?
A: Again, read the label. If there is no added sugar in the ingredients label, enjoy in moderation. Raisins, along with 8 walnut halves, are a great mid-morning snack.

Q: Does Skinny Ms. offer any dessert recipes without added sugar?
A: Yes. All of our desserts are made without refined sugar but most have some type of unrefined sugar added, such honey or coconut sugar. Here are a few of our most popular desserts that are made without added sugar: Quinoa Protein Bars (be sure to leave off the chocolate), Fudge Brownie Bites, and Peanut Butter-Yogurt Dip. Click here, for these No Sugar Added Dessert Recipes.

Foods that have added sugar of any kind are not allowed. You might be surprised to learn that sugar has many names and is often disguised in the ingredient list. You may have noticed many foods now advertise as having No High Fructose Corn Syrup. What manufactures don’t promote is that in place of the corn syrup is likely another form of sugar. Reading the fine print on ingredient labels is absolutely necessary for this challenge. Here is a list of 50 different names used for sugar.

No added sweeteners of any kind are allowed, to include: honey, molasses, stevia, agave nectar, coconut palm sugar, xylitol, maple syrup, etc.. This is important in order to start to enjoy the real taste of foods.

No added refined sugars (white sugar, corn syrup, brown sugar)

No added artificial sweeteners (Truvia, Splenda, Nutrasweet, etc.)

Basically, if it has added sugar or sweeteners, of any kind, do not eat it.

Note:  Again, when we say no sugar, we mean no added sugar. There will be naturally occurring sugars in milk, plain yogurt, fresh vegetables and fruit, that’s okay. The idea is to give up ADDED sugars that are in most all processed foods. So when you read a nutrition label, look at the actual list of ingredients, NOT the percentage of sugar per serving (unless you must do so for medical reasons).

Make it easier by doing the following:

Drink 6 (12 ounce) glasses of plain water each day, or 2.2 liters.

Consider drinking one nutrient-dense smoothie each day.
Select from fabulous, nutrient-dense smoothie recipes here.

Eat Fruit
Fruit contains plenty of natural sugars and is also an important part of any healthy eating plan. The possibilities are only as limited as your local grocery store. Also, fruit is a great way of naturally getting the sugar you might be craving and will help make this challenge successful.

The challenge goes for one entire month. Remember, those who stick with the challenge for an entire month will benefit the most.

For a Shopping list, click here.

The goal of this challenge is to your break sugar addiction and lose excess weight and body fat.

We recommend after the challenge is over, switch from refined sugars to unrefined ones that have some nutritional value. For example, raw honey, sucanat, coconut palm sugar, molasses, sorghum and 100% pure maple syrup. All of these natural sweeteners have nutrients that cannot be found in refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Remember, even unrefined sweeteners can pack on the pounds if eaten on a regular basis. You’ll find all of our dessert recipes are made without refined sugar, so stop by after the challenge and enjoy one every now and again.

So what do you say? Will you join us? Leave a comment below if you are committed to this challenge.

You can interact with us on  Facebookand receive updated recipes to help you stay on track. You can also find recipes without added sugar on many of our Pinterest boards, here.


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The SkinnyMs. team believes that all people, regardless of age, size, and fitness level, have the power to transform their lives — they just need the resources to do so. The SkinnyMs. method promotes healthy living through a combination of clean eating and regular exercise. We offer everything you need to be successful.

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  1. Perfect timing! I'm totally in! I've found if I stay active and exercise, I don't crave sugars as much. Hi ho hi ho to the gym we go! ;). So excited!

    1. Perfect timing after gorging on holiday sweets. Now I’m hungry all the time and my sweet tooth has become a beast. I’m so ready for this challenge!

  2. I had to give up sugar in March because of health reasons. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I've been addicted since childhood! It is still a daily battle but getting much easier. I have found my body enjoys fresh fruits the way it used to enjoy candy and cakes! Watch out with dried fruits- they hide a lot of sugar! Good luck to everyone! You will also lose weight which is an added bonus!

  3. Kudos to you all! I am not in, but we do limit our sugar intake. But I add jam to my homemade unswt yogurt (jam which we have been making w/the low sugar pectin). Just not ready to go completely off sugar. I am going to try those fudgy brownie bites too! Hope the fam likes them.

  4. I'm all IN…I am hoping this does wonders for my weight and energy level!! I have started retaining fluid in my legs and feet and this is perfect timing for me!! Thanks for the challenge.

  5. I will start this challenge Monday September 6th………..I can remember years ago when I was off the sugar addiction….I felt good and never craved it…it is time to happen again.

  6. would i be able to drink all the smoothies you have listed while pregnant – was looking at the cleanse and wake me up smoothies

    1. Jennifer, I'm not sure about those two…please check with your doctor first. The rest of the smoothies are fruit, yogurt, etc. Also, some contain green tea which has caffeine. Caffeine should be avoided.

  7. Love the challenge!!! I have to admit I started with a cleanse at the end of July that included No sugar,no artificial sweeteners. Wasn't sure I could do it w/o the sweeteners. I did it!!! Still off of it. I loved my creamer in my coffee. Now can't go back…I tried and it just didn't feel right 🙂 so I am so in. Fruits help with the withdrawals. I did feel weak, experienced body cramps. After a few days…I felt awesome. In one month I lost 11 lbs. So if I can do it….I know you can too. It's a commitment to yourself. Love yourself and you too will do it:)

  8. I love this site, and I am not trying to be a downer…seriously. But I just don't see how this is possible, or if it's even a good idea. Most of us are working mothers with a lot of commitments. What will we say… "No, my darling daughter, I cannot have a bite of that treat you want tos share with me"? Or, "Sorry mom, can't enjoy your dinner with you"? Or, "Sorry my best friend, I cannot sample that new recipe you worked so hard on"? No, I think the key is to eat healthy and exercise in a way that lets us connect with the world around us. To do otherwise might make our bodies a bit healthier, but compromise our emotional health. We need a healthy mind, body, heart and soul to really thrive in this world!

    1. I did this a couple of months ago. I'm a mom of a toddler. I will swear to you that the first week was hard but then I felt better and had more energy than i have ever had!

      1. I accept the challenge, as a matter of fact I have now for 26 days. Doing so has helped to focus in on a healthy life, preparing myself for retirement. For the past two years I’ve managed to turn my compulsive addictive behavorial lifestyle on a complete 180 ° course. It started with alcohol, than the cigarettes, coffee, and lastly the sugar. I’ve since replaced my once deadly addictions into a healthy regiment of eating and exercise. I must admit, I feel great, sometimes a little to great, with thoughts circling my brain that I can have just one, knowing that not to be true. This healthy change in body has also modified my thinking. I feel as if I can decipher more clearly the act of reasoning. Doing the right thing versus doing something just for the sake of doing it. Feeding those senseless, controlling,, and, slowly degenerating cravings. I love where I am today and with your help I’d like to stay here. Live long and prosper. Yes, that too, I’m saving a ton of money as well.

    2. Shannon, Thank you so much for your feedback. Here's the reason we're doing this challenge: sugar for millions of people is an addiction and one that is extremely difficult to break. I can attest to this because I was once a sugar and diet soda addict. This challenge is about breaking the habit and ridding our bodies of its negative side effects, for example, weight gain, diabetes, insomnia, etc.. We believe it is imperative to our health to know what we put in our bodies, and label reading is one important way to accomplish that. I totally understand your concern about family and friends. This is how I recommend handling the situation you mentioned: let everyone know you are engaging in this challenge and would like their support and invite them to join in. I've found this typically works, especially with those close friends and family members. Even if this challenge is done at 90%, you are still doing your body an enormous favor! Any improvement made by reducing added sugar is a win, win. I sure you'll join us! 🙂

    3. It's possible, and honestly it's a lot easier to say no after that week of your body saying "HELLO?!?!?!?! CAKE PLEASE?"

      Your body, mind, and emotions will be at their peak if you are getting rid of sugar, and staying on top of eating healthy with exercise.

      Trust me, I know. Because I got off track last week and feel like crap today.

    4. I have been off sugar/non-fruit sweeteners for 3 months now, and have two kids. It's entirely possible. I let everyone know around me that I am on a strict diet, and I just say no. My father, forgetting my diet, made from scratch chocolate sauce and slathered it on ice cream and handed it to me while at his house, and I still managed to say no. You mention emotional health – I gave up sugar because it was affecting my digestive health. I suffer from an IBD. Since I've given up sugar/sweeteners, all of my symptoms have drastically reduced. It has been really hard to do, but entirely worth it. Other people's motivations may be different from mine, but they're no less valid.

    5. Tell your toddler that you are trying not to eat sweets because they are bad for you – this makes it a teachable moment. She may even want to join in.

      1. Claudia, you are absolutely right. It's best to live by example and your kids will follow. My toddler asks me after my daily run, "Mommy, how was your run?" She's asked me why I run and I tell her that it's good for my body and I love my body. She now says, "I love my body" and she asks to go running too.

    6. I did this of my own free will last year after reading an article and must admit it has been really easy. I have allowed myself to eat a bite of a desert a friend has made, or of the treat my daughter wanted to share…the weight still came off as I wasn't drinking juices anymore, just water and getting plenty of sugar through eating apples and other fruits. I did lose weight quite quickly. Within a month I saw big results. I also exercise, but that has always been for fun. I don't think this is so hard to follow and it is great for you! I have a lot more energy now than I did last year. 🙂

  9. I'm very excited about this……knowing there are others out there doing this too! I've struggled with pre-diabetes, high cholesterol & overweight issues for 10 yrs. and it has been a struggle. Sometimes the more I try, the more I eat. I'm in & knowing that there is also a group out there to support each other, makes it all that much more fun! Did I actually say "fun"???

    1. Linnea, Giving up added sugar literally changed my life for the better. I'm free of refined sugar for over 4 years. I read labels on everything and it takes less than 10 seconds to spot sugar by any name. So happy you're in! 🙂

  10. I'm in on Tuesday! This is so going to be incredibly hard. I'm a sweet tea and soda addict. I know that I need to give up added sugars so I have to do this for me!!

  11. I'm in! It's something I've wanted to do for a while so why not start now?!? I gave up diet soda a week ago so lets keep this ball rolling!

  12. Every tooth in my head is a sweet tooth, but I'm going for it! I tired of the highs and the plummets that follow from eating sugary treats off and on all day! Fingers crossed; here it go! Thanks for the motivation!

  13. I'm in. I eat and crave sugar constantly. I'm super nervous but I'm going to completely and fully commit myself to this challenge. I will start Labor Day and continue through October 3rd. I can't wait to see what happens.

    1. Mac, Be sure to read the post and you'll get lots of info there. We will be giving tips throughout the month, so be sure to go to our facebook page.

  14. Jean, And we are! I'm working on a peach cobbler without added sugar…not sure how it will turn out. I'll be posting something yummy with peaches so so tuned. It's more fun when everyone gets involved. 🙂

  15. Patti, Splenda is totally processed and enough time hasn't passed to know what effects it may have on our health. To be on the safe side, give up all artificial sweeteners and added sugars. After the challenge, stick with unrefined sweeteners and enjoy in moderation. Just a suggestion!

  16. My husband and I did a detox diet for a week. No bread, meat, dairy, or added sugar. We ate great foods and after 3 days I felt and slept better than in a long time. As a bonus I lost 3 pounds. It made me much more conscious of what we and our kids were eating. It's not that hard and it's actually saved us money because we aren't buying processed junk!

  17. Ok – I'm in Just went to the store and read a lot of labels – pretty eye opening. Found a good variety of things and already eat fruits and veggies a lot. Hardest things seems to be the hidden sugars in sauces, salad dressings etc… What does everyone do for salad dressings? I love a raspberry vinaigrette and such – any ideas?

    1. SAS, I always, 100% of the time make my own. What about using extra-virgin olive oil and either red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar or lemon juice with some herbs, crushed garlic and a little black pepper? You can even make a nice creamy dressing with buttermilk.

      I use 5 parts oil to 3 parts vinegar or lemon juice for vinaigrette. Sometimes I'll add 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard. Not sure what part of the country you live in, but in the south they now sell DUKE's Mayo without any added sugars or sweeteners…DELISH! By combining buttermilk, Greek yogurt, mayo and tossing in some dill and black pepper…you've got one yummy dressing. The possibilities are endless.

    2. I only make my own…squeeze fresh lemon, EVOO, balsamic or Organic Apple Cider Vinegar,salt pepper, sometimes I will add Kirkland No Salt Spice (but not sure about added sugar in that one!) and sometimes I shake it up with a little dijon & Agave Nectar. I have gotten used to it and love the freshness of my own dressings. I also have used a stick blender to blend lemon juice, garlic (both fresh), avocado, EVOO and the same seasoning above for a creamy dressing I then mix it into the salad and bring it to the table that way…always gets raves. Try Rasberry vinegar and oil, not sure about the sugar though. Prepared dressings are the worst!

  18. I'm in yet I know it will be extremely difficult. Luckily, I don't enjoy sweets. Lets hope I lose a few pounds along the way.

  19. There's absolutely no way I'd have the willpower to do this. Even if I could get myself to stay away from refined sugars and natural sugars like honey, I'd feel way too deprived if I couldn't at least use Nectresse (made from Monkfruit extract and real sugar).
    You're basically saying the only things allowable are plain proteins without anything added to them and fruits & veggies. I'm lactose intolerant, so smoothies with milk or yogurt can't happen.
    Best of luck to anyone who gives this challenge a try.

    1. Hey Becca, How are you doing? Smoothies with plain almond milk and coconut milk should work. Only foods with sugar added and listed as such in the ingredients, aren't allowed. Hope you're doing well…drop me a line. 😀 gale

  20. I'm in. I have to go back on my candidate diet since I have gotten off track the past few weeks. People that think they can't do this, you can! The way I have to eat is to avoid all sugar including fruits and veggies like beets and carrots, no grains or starches, diary and even more restrictions. If I can do that then you can avoid sugar for a month. Once you get past the first week it will be a lot easier and fruit will satisfy your sweet cravings. Good luck everyone!

  21. I did a 30 day no sugar challenge a couple months ago and felt amazing! However it's so easy to fall back into bad habits when its an addiction. So heck yes I'm in for another. I'm also doing the total body transformation for 12 weeks. Can't wait to see the results.

  22. I'm in! Thanks for the motivation & the incredible resource of solid, valuable information! I'll start Tuesday. I just hope I'm not setting myself up for failure as Tuesday is also my first day back to school. I teach middle school special education, so sugar breaks are frequent in my normal routine! Actually, maybe this is the BEST time to start. New school year, new me! 🙂

  23. I started today. This is a great challenge. Have been eating pretty well the last weeks, but have gone off on occasional days. This is it for a month. I know if you eat healthy, real foods and get rid of the processed and white's it is a good way to live, to stay off the highs and lows of the sugars and learn to have new favorite foods. Loved that video…even though most was no surprise to me, still an eye opener!

  24. I've been doing your challenge for three(!) days and I think it's awesome. My only food with added sugar is Weetbix in the morning which adds to 1 gram of added sugar. I don't like oats, I have four kids so I don't have time to prepare sugar free breakfasts. I think this is an awesome challenge – I always thought I was a chocolate addict but I'm not missing the chocolate … it's actually the sweetness that I crave. I am eating fruit when I feel like something sweet. And almonds when I would usually grab a sweet biscuit. Thanks for the challenge – it's been fun so far and I know I can last one month! 😉 PS I have about four kilos to lose after baby number four; do you think this will help me lose those stubborn kilos too?

  25. Could you please let me know if maple syrup is okay to eat. A friend gave me a sugar free recipe but it does have some maple syrup. THANKS!

  26. I will never give up raw honey, too many health benefits and has kept me free from sinus infections for over a year. Good to see people give up refined sugar and artificial sweeteners which are both so bad for our bodies. I'm not sure why honey would be on the no no list. Unless its the fake stuff of course.

    1. Cheryl, It's about breaking the sugar addiction and then gradually re-introducing unrefined sweeteners, like honey, back into the diet…in moderation.

  27. I'm in, just finished day 2 and it is easier than you would think and I used to have 2 sugars in my cup of tea. I am actually shocked at how many products have added sugar but it is good to actually think about what you are eating.

  28. At this time it seems like Drupal is the preferred blogging platform available right now.

    (from what I've read) Is that what you're using on your blog?

  29. My sister and I are going to start this challenge January 1st. I'm not a coffee drinker but I love ice tea. Little nervous about giving that up for 30 days!

  30. I'm starting today. An interesting thing I read is that sugar can be a bigger culprit in heart attacks than cholesteral. Sugar causes inflammation, which is what is behind the cause of heart attacks.

  31. Kristin, The point of this challenge is to cleanse the body of added sugar and sweeteners. It’s amazing how addicted we are to sweeteners. Ending the addiction can be life changing. It’s really up to you if you choose to use stevia, we are recommending no processed powders of any kind.

  32. I am in. I have tried to cut out sugar once before. I did it for 6 weeks but it was so hard without support or motivation. I love your site. Lets kick this habit for good.

  33. Aaaah man, I just made a batch of the No Bake Energy Balls to kick start my healthy eating….but they contain raw honey :/

  34. I'm sorry, but will you please clarify the "No added natural sugars (honey, molasses, stevia, etc.)"…it reads to me that honey would not be allowed, but the recipes contain honey. Am I wrong?


  35. I am IN. I don't skome, don't drink coffee or tea or alcohol but I'm addicted to sugar any kind. I know this will be really hard…

  36. Shelly, Not in this challenge…it’s about getting your body and taste buds used to not having that added sweet taste.

    1. Teresa, It’s not about the calories with our challenge, but about cleansing your body of sugar cravings and beginning to cut back on added sweeteners.

    1. Yes, it does count as added sugar. For a sweet dish with no added sugar you would use fruit, dates or any other naturally occurring sweet addition.

  37. Day 17 here – glad to see there are others who have gone before or are still working on it. Had one slip when I included a small drizzle of honey on pancakes (daughter really wanted to eat pancake breakfast with Daddy).

    It's amazing how hard this is! Restaurants in particular are very challenging… I find that I have to plan what I'm going to eat before showing up at the restaurant.

    (I'm 2 lb down, so looks like it's breaking through my plateau)

    My taste buds have changed a lot. I can taste subtle things in foods that I had pretty much lost any appreciation for. I sometimes wonder if my tongue had a coating of sugar stuck to it preventing me from tasting things fully.

    Fruit tastes amazing now.

    1. Brett, Thank you so much for keeping us posted on your progress. It’s nice to get feedback and learn how no added sugar can actually effect taste buds. 🙂

  38. Wow, I just watched the lecture. That’s some pretty scary (but valuable) information to be armed with. Thank you SO much for sharing this, my health (and that of my family) will definitely be benefiting from the changes that are about to come of this. Wow.

  39. I just saw this on Pinterest and know it's easier when you have others in on a challenge supporting each other so, I was wondering if anyone was going to start this challenge again soon?

    1. Jenna, GREAT!!! Tomorrow we will be launching our latest challenge, 4 Steps to Weight Loss Challenge. This challenge will include the No Sugar Challenge. Keep us posted!! 🙂

  40. what about nectresse? i see it in the slow cooker oatmeal recipe. is this a good substitue?

    1. Michelle, If you are taking the challenge, we recommend not using any type of added sweeteners. 🙂

  41. I'm in! I'm already going through withdrawals as I type but I'm in! lol Love Skinny Ms so I'm sure I can do it with your yummy recipes. 🙂

  42. I am super keen to give this a try. I have tried on many previous occasions, but perhaps this will be the time I get it right?? Quick question – how possible is it to establish a separate FB page for 30 days for all of us starting this specific challenge. I would love the support/venting/accountability.

  43. Debs – any news on the FB page? I started the challenge today and like the idea of supporting each other throughout this month.

    1. Hi Amanda! I havent heard anything yet unfortunately. Hows it going though? I am on day 4 today – yesterday was tough – was so snappy.

    1. Debs, I would recommend no more than 1 (6 ounce) glass per week. Even though the wine may not have added sugar, it’s full of naturally occurring sugar and calories. It’s up to you, but this is my recommendation for the next 30 days.

  44. I've watched the video and read several articles about sugar. I'm in! I've registered with this site and will start the challenge tomorrow.

  45. I followed the Sugar Smart diet plan to loss my sugar belly. The first week not even fruit, the second week add fruit, the third week start to add back some sugar in the form of maple syrup or honey. My husband and I have been following this plan for 6 weeks….He has lost 25 pounds and 13 inches, me…well 9 pounds and 8 1/2 inches…all this in 32 days….Some withdrawals the first week….but so totally worth it…We both feel better and have more energy that we have had in years…I'm 65 and my husband is 64….Never to late to be healthy!

  46. I will try as I use Slenda in coffee and in other things but I do believe if I can give up and go without 'white flours' I can do without sugars of any kind. I will give it my best shot! Thanks!!

  47. Hi, I just started on Sunday. Committing to 90 days. Question – is Xanthan Gum considered sugar? I just bought an "all-natural, no-sugar" salad dressing (Brianna's Homestyle vinaigrette). I noted the xanthan gum in the ingredients and looked it up. It appears to be created with sugar. HELP.

    1. Joelle, It's a derivative of corn syrup….an additive in processed foods. I wouldn't recommend it. 🙁

      1. Lol. Of course. Wow, I can't believe they get away with saying "no sugar". No worries – I need to be making my own dressing anyway. Do you have any recipes?

  48. I know this is old, but I am getting ready to do this and would like one question answered. Some healthy things need sugar to prepare. For example, my homemade bread needs to add sugar to feed the yeast or it won't rise and kombucha needs sugar to feed the culture as well. Do you think using sugar in this way is acceptable?

    1. Heather E, Great question. Yes, you have to use refined table sugar for Kombucha and yeast to work. It's totally fine, even though, especially with Kombucha it seems like a lot sugar has to be added. This is because the cultures will eat all of the sugars in the fermentation process, not you when you eat/drink the finished product.

      1. Thanks for getting back to me! I agree a cup of sugar seems like a lot with Kombucha, but after 10 days of fermenting, I sure don't taste it!! But Kombucha helped me kick my terrible pop habit, so I would hate to give it up. Thanks again!

    1. Courtney, There's no video for this challenge. You have to follow the guidelines outlined. All of our recipes contain sugar alternatives, and none refined sugar, so if you peruse the site you'll find it helpful for the challenge:). Good luck!

      1. Sorry, in reading the intro it said to watch the below video that was a little over an hour in length. I thought I was missing something. Will follow the guidelines and get started. Thanks!

        1. Courtney, Thanks for noticing that glitch! I removed that sentence. Thanks so much for bringing that to our attention:).

  49. So, I have just started this challenge, and I was thinking "what do you do about coffee?" I am a music teacher, and I always drink at least two cups in the morning to get me started. Am I just supposed to drink it black now?

    1. LaRae, You can't use refined sugar. You can use coconut palm sugar or stevia as a sweetener. Feel free to add coconut milk ( canned or carton), almond milk, diary milk, or cream.

  50. I am trying this. Started on 3/1. It's only 3/3 and I am really craving something sweet right now.

  51. I'm in, I need to do this for me. Getting older and need to take better care of myself. Thank you for doing this and for the help and motivation!

  52. ……only 6 more days to go! This has been great! Feel sooo much better. There was only 1 cheat day(Mothers Day)

  53. I need to do this too. I recently gave up Splenda and I thought it would be so hard but it really wasn't. I definitely think I have a sugar problem. I LOVE candy. I'm going to try this challenge.

  54. It's about time I give up sugar again. Did it a few years back and loved how great I felt, but I've fallen off the wagon. Let's do this! Starting today, 6/28!

    1. Jilly, I would check with his or her doctor before starting any 30-day changes to diet. Keep us posted. Thanks! 🙂

  55. I have been on the challenge for 22 days now and have lost 4 kilograms, not that I was over weight by any means, and was not the reason why I took the challenge. I have a week to go and feel fantastic, have learned a lot about food and health. I eat just the same amount but now eat the right foods. I highly recommend everyone to try this as its a great challenge to test your willpower and ability to say "No Thanks" I will certainly live a far healthier life style after the challenge is over.

    1. Merel, you will be surprised by how much your body stops craving sugar after just 30 days. The best way to maintain a diet that includes minimal sugar is to not deprive yourself of all sweets. Skinny Ms. offers dozens of low or no-sugar desserts that taste just as good as high-sugar alternatives. Keep us posted!

  56. Today I read so many bad thing about sugar, so I think I’m going to do this challenge. But I had a question, you said you can’t have added sweeteners like honey, but you can have the desserts you offer? Because in most of them is some kind of unrefined sugar (such as honey) you said.

  57. I found this the other day after I had already committed to march being my sugar free month. I love these tips and I just made the no sugar added quinoa bars. I love them. I didn’t put any honey or dark chocolate in the recipe and they are still super awesome! Today is day 7 and somedays I feel like this challenge is going to be a breeze and others not so much. I can’t wait to see how I feel in another 3 weeks.

  58. I’m confused, I know fruit is allowed but can we have natural sweeteners like agave and maple syrup? The article says: “No added sweeteners of any kind are allowed, to include: honey, molasses, stevia…” does this mean include those in what NOT to eat? Or what TO eat?

    1. For this challenge, you will need to avoid any added sweeteners of any kind, including added natural sweeteners, like the ones you mentioned. We apologize for the confusion. We are making tweaks to the language to make that more clear. Thanks for your feedback!

  59. Already stopped using added sugar and have been reading labels. Will now tweak this to include other sources of sugar/sweetener(s) even the artificial ones, that are added to foods. I like this idea. So much better for a person. I actually have challenged people I know to stop drinking Pepsi. I measured out the 69gms of sugar in a 591ml bottle and those 69gms was OVER 1/3 cup of refined sugar. Seriously, people do not read labels; do not get me started on aspartame! 🙂 Thanks for the challenge.

  60. I actually started doing this already about 4 days ago after seeing the documentary sugar coated. So excited so far as some of my favorite recipes that I have surprisingly have no added sugars in the ingredients.

  61. I want to do this but I’m very sure I won’t be able to. I tried this once and I lasted like three days. 🙁

  62. Alright. Here we go! Starting Monday, and prepping thefridge and pantry tomorrow!! I need this so bad!

    One question, how much sugar would mess up the results? For instance, if I am consuming something and not realize or slip up am I going to shift back to square one and go through the struggle like the first few days?

    I want to make a clean break, but I feel like slip ups will happen lol. I’m a serious addict. 🙁

    1. Tony, I wish I could answer that but I’m certain. Removing added sugar has enormous health benefits but not sure about candida.

  63. Starting 2morrow! I remember a couple of years ago I went of sugar and turned my cravings into exercise and i felt great! Time to do that again! Thx so much! Xx

  64. I am about to attempt this. I am a chocolate addict so this is going to be one of the hardest things I have done in a long time. But I think it will be worth it. Wish me luck. Also tips on how to keep going when you want to give in would be super appreciated.

    1. Jen, Instead of giving in to those sugary cravings:

      Close you eyes and say an affirmation, for example, “I no longer crave sweets and I feel AMAZING!!!” OR
      “I’m in control, not my cravings”!!!

      Also, try a healthy snack that doesn’t contain any sweeteners of any kind, https://skinnyms.com/100-whole-30-snacks/.

      You can do this, if I can, anyone can. 🙂 Keep us posted.

  65. Its been a month i have been craving sugar like anything. I used to not have anything sugary at home.. which helped me always. But for past one month i have been at my parent’s place and i am indulging in sugar. Its like an avalanche of cravings! From today on(20 March).. i am in for challenge! Wish me luck! N thanks for this wonderful post!

    1. Jyoti, Good luck to you! You can do this, have total faith in your commitment. Please keep us posted. 🙂

  66. I really want to be in but I’m 16 and my mom does all the grocery shopping. I don’t want to be annoying by making her change the way she shops. What do I do?

    1. Hi Reilly!

      I understand the difficulty of not wanting to change the way your mom shops. Perhaps you can ask her if you can make dinner once a week? You would have the opportunity to plan the meal and make a list of items for her to buy when shopping. Another option would be to ask your mom if you can shop with her. Last, sit down with your mom and talk! There’s nothing wrong with telling your mom or a parent you’d like to eat healthier. She might be more open to your ideas than you think. Good luck!

  67. YES I’m totally in!!! I’ve been looking for something to motivate me and get the ball rolling…this is it!!!

  68. Johnna, I’m starting with you! I’ve eliminated sugar in the past but gotten way too far away from those days. Looking forward to a fresh start.

  69. I’m starting today, May 31, with my best friend. I’m so excited to see the changes in my skin and my tummy. Sareli here we go??

  70. This is a do or die situation for me. If I can do this it will turn my life around and I will be a happy camper!!! One ENORMOUS challenge is my husband’s sugar binges which I have no power over and I wish I could say “it’s not my problem!”, but it is! I will see him consume an entire bag of candy (so hard to avoid when you live in a small apartment) 🙁 🙁 I can hold my own from time to time, but eventually I break down and have a few pieces. This is where it all falls apart for me. I need strategies–if anyone has any PLEASE POST!!!

    My Many Thanks <3

    1. Katie, Only if the wine inclues “added” sugar, which it typically doesn’t.
      However, wine is very high in natural sugar so try limiting it to 1-2 glasses per week. 🙂

  71. I am getting married on the 25th of January and i wanted to lose 10kg but i know that isnt realistic. Im very tempted by food any tips on how to stick to this when my partner and housemate are always buying junk food and sugary drinks?!!!

  72. Starting 1 January. Hardest thing to give up will be the daily glass of red wine, but I know my will power over the daily square of dark chocolate will be stronger with out the wine!

    1. Abby, Congratulations on your decision. We have a recipe for Avocado Vegan Fudge Brownies coming out soon. These fudgy brownies will satisfy any chocolate craving. They have no added sugar but are still deliciously sweet. no avocado taste either. 🙂 Stay tuned and best of luck with the no sugar challenge. You’ve got this!!!

  73. I’m IN! I just started PT for my back, and it was recommended that I try the sugar free challenge for a month, I’ve been doing it, and I noticed less water weight already, and I found that I enjoy my coffee black. I love it!

  74. I think this will be very hard for me as I am a teen but I really do need to get healthier and i think this might be a great start so im in!

  75. Just found your website – I love it! I’m trying out WFPB eating – thought I’d start by eliminating sugar. I’ve tried it before and didn’t even make it 10 days. Trying again! I’m a mom of four daughters and want to set a good example of eating healthy. Thanks for all your free information!!

  76. I am in,ve been trying weight loss programs for many months now bt no result….but these tips motivated me so am gonna try this time….

  77. I’m in. I did it a couple years ago but fell off the wagon so I’m determined to do it again and not fall off this time!

  78. I`m in. I have to start on May 23rd to be able to complete the 30 days as we are leaving on vacation on June 23rd. I want to be ready to face vacation!

  79. I recently did a 7 day, no sugar challenge and I found it was easier than I thought! There is a lot of great info here. Exactly what I was looking for! I am in!

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