7 Best Exercises for a Perfect Butt

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Your butt does more than just fill out your jeans. It’s also one of the most-used muscles in the human body, since you use it whenever you run, walk, kick, and jump. And just like any other muscle, you can tone, strengthen, and grow it using the right exercises.

In fact, there’s hundreds of butt exercises out there, from insanely high box jumps, to pistol squats, to an endless arsenal of variations. However, complicated exercises are not necessarily the most effective. If you keep a tight schedule, it can be hard to work out and get results. Luckily, simplicity is key. Basic moves that target the right muscles are all you need to shape your butt, so we made this list to save time and effort.

These seven exercises are must-do’s for glute day, since they’re muscle-building, calorie-torching machines. As soon as you’re ready to sweat, these exercises are here to help you get a perfect butt.

1. Squats
First on our list of best butt exercises is good old fashioned squats. Squats target your hamstrings, quads, and glutes. To make things a little harder, try squatting with some weight.

2. Sumo Squat
This is a great squat variation, since it allows you to target more of your outer thighs and glutes. Do enough repetitions to really feel the burn.

3. Walking Lunge
Second to the squat is the lunge. We love walking lunges because they allow your momentum to go forward, rather than having to push back from lunge position. Add weights if you’re ready to make things a little bit harder.

4. Bulgarian Split Squats
There’s videos of all kinds of celebrities doing Bulgarian split squats, from Instagram sensation Jen Selter to Victoria’s Secret models prepping for their yearly fashion show. Split squats are great for targeting the glutes.

5. Donkey Kicks
This mat move is deceptively easy. While it won’t do much for cardio, it makes a great butt workout. Make sure you don’t stop until you feel your muscles burning.

6. Single-leg Glute Bridge
Glute Bridges are good for isolating the butt muscles, so you work out all butt and no thigh. Single-leg glute bridges are even better, which is why they’re some of our favorite butt exercises.

7. Fire Hydrant
Finally, this fire hydrant exercise will add a little extra burn to your routine. It’ll leave your outer thigh feeling like it’s on fire!

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