7 Dairy-Free Smoothie Recipes

6. Vegan Avocado Spinach Smoothie

Don’t let this all-green smoothie intimidate you. Its bright green color might be astonishing, but its taste will blow you away. It includes avocado for a thick, creamy texture along with almond milk to achieve the right thickness. No superfood smoothie is complete without a handful of spinach and its abundant nutrients.

7. Almond Protein Smoothie 

If you’re a fan of almond milk and love that nutty flavor, this next smoothie is the perfect one for you. With almond milk and almonds, the nutty flavor is satisfying but not overwhelming since it is balanced out by the apple and banana.

Don’t let dairy stop you from enjoying smoothies and getting all the supplements that you need and deserve. There are plenty of alternatives out there that will provide you the same, if not more, nutrients than a regular glass of milk.


If you have any suggestions for your favorite non-dairy smoothies, leave a comment down below!

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