7 Dairy-Free Smoothie Recipes

Not all smoothies need a little dairy and here some that are just as good without!

The average American consumes more dairy products in a year than you could ever imagine. Whether it’s in the form of ice cream, butter, or, most commonly used, milk, sometimes it can be beneficial to give your body a break from the consistent dairy intake. A typical way to give your body a cleanse or provide the nutrients it really needs is in the form of a smoothie. Smoothies are a great way to get your daily servings of fruits and veggies without missing any key vitamins. Here are a few recipes that skip the dairy, but still allow you to have the same delicious tastes and textures of those healthy smoothies we all crave.

1. Kale & Orange Smoothie

Why pick between veggies and fruits when you can have both? This refreshing kale and orange smoothie substitutes almond milk for regular milk. This has become an increasingly popular replacement in smoothies. Simply add in a banana for texture and a dash of honey for sweetness and you’ve got a delicious energy booster.

2. Cinnamon Apple Smoothie

There’s no better way to start your day with the flavors of fall during anytime of the year! This Cinnamon Apple smoothie combines a unique set of ingredients, including superfoods, to bring back memories of the autumn months. A little tofu, apple, spinach, and cinnamon processed with apple juice for consistency provides you with a unique sweet treat.

3. Green Tea Kiwi-Berry Smoothie

Smoothies can be enjoyed during any time of the day and by themselves or alongside a snack. The best part is their versatility and that’s what this Green Tea Kiwi-Berry Smoothie shows off. Instead of using the common milk substitutes, this recipe calls for brewed green tea, which adds a earthy flavor to the drink.

4. Quinoa Banana Berry Smoothie 

Quinoa is a great superfood, but have you ever thought of adding it to your smoothies? Probably not, but this recipe will shine a light on the wonderful tastes of a quinoa fruit smoothie. The benefits don’t stop at superfoods and fruits. To top it off, instead of milk, add some brewed green tea for a light consistency.

5. Coconut Milk Smoothie

There’s no taste more refreshing than the taste of coconut. Lucky for you, this next smoothie calls for coconut milk to get that nutty flavor. The best part is that this recipe incorporates nutritious ingredients like banana and spinach, but all you can taste is the coconut!

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