7 Delicious Foods that Improve Digestion

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A well-functioning digestive system is key to energy, vitality, good health, and a sense of well being. Unfortunately, with processed snacks, fast food joints, and chemical-laden additives sweeping the nation, a poor diet is becoming the norm. Along with prompting issues like weight gain and high cholesterol, a poor diet damages the digestion system in a number of ways. No wonder we spend more money on “quick fixes” like prescription meds, laxatives, and fiber supplements than any other nation! These seemingly effective answers only fix digestion problems temporarily, and tend to worsen issues over time.


Luckily, you can repair your digestive tract naturally and effectively by consuming the right foods! Many ingredients can help you maintain a balanced, healthy gastronomical system, while promoting nutrient absorption, reducing inflammation, and a coating your inner ecosystem with good bacteria.

Here at SkinnyMs., we’ve grouped together our top picks for delicious, nutritious foods that’ll keep things running smoothly. These incredible superfoods will soothe your tummy and strengthen your digestive system, ultimately acting as your best friends after a junk binge or alcohol bender!

1. Kefir

When celebratory events like the holidays and birthdays roll around, shameless indulging on cookies, cocktails, and heavy feasts can wreak havoc on your digestion, leaving you feeling sluggish and bloated afterwards. In these instances, try pouring yourself some kefir, and let the creamy beverage work its magic!

Get the full story behind this creamy superfood by checking out Kefir: Ancient antidote for Better Digestion, Weight Loss and Overall Health.

2. Kimchi

A Korean staple, this incredible dish delivers countless mind-blowing health benefits that can boost your well-being dramatically. Kimchi is simply a fusion of uber-nutritious ingredients including cabbage, radish, scallion, cucumber, and red chili paste. Bursting with healthy bacteria, the fermented superfood contains live and active probiotic cultures like lactobacilli that prevent constipation, clean the intestines, and flush out harmful bacteria. Not to mention, if you like your food with a little kick to it, you’ll drool over this spicy, flavorful cabbage dish!

3. Ginger

Ever wonder why mom would pour you a glass of ginger ale when you felt under the weather? A common folk remedy for an upset stomach or nausea, ginger has been used and celebrated for thousands of years thanks to its incredible health benefits. Experts praise ginger for its digestive perks in particular. The superfood stimulates saliva, bile, and gastric juice production in your belly to aid in digestion and strengthen your gut!

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