7 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Bone Broth

Who knew a simmering pot of bones could change your life?

In recent years, stylish drinks like detox juices and superfood smoothies have hit the markets and gained reputable attention for their flavor, health benefits, or weight loss powers. But among the cluster of trendy, nutritious beverages out there stands one that tops the charts, towering over the rest in terms of nutrition- bone broth. An impressively nourishing fluid, bone broth is made from boiling the bones (along with knuckles, feet, and tendons if you’re willing to go all out) of poultry, beef, pig, or fish in water along with an acid (such as vinegar.)

This seemingly magical elixir carries a boatload of invigorating healing properties that can boost your health dramatically. Brimming with vitamins, minerals, and powerful amino acids, bone broth lends a helping hand when it comes to digestion, immunity, hair, and skin health, to name a few. So next time you carve a chicken for dinner, get some major bang for your buck by making use of the leftover bones you’d otherwise toss!

1. It improves digestion. (Paleo Bone Broth Recipes)

Slacking in the digestion department? You’re not alone! A poor diet coupled with stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and travel, even temporarily, can wreak havoc on the digestion system and prevent it from running at its finest. One of the most effective fluids you can consume for the gut, bone broth can repair the GI tract thanks to its collagen content. This powerful compounds coats and repairs your gut lining, while reducing intestinal inflammation! It also invites the presence of friendly bacteria!

In general, improving your digestion system begins with flushing out evading junk and harmful bacteria, also known as a detox. If this concept seems a bit foreign to you, check out these 14 Ways to Detox for Beginners!

2. It protects your bones and joints.

If you suffer regularly from joint pain, it’s time you climb aboard the bone broth train! Broth enthusiasts swear by the dressed-up stock for its ability to heal the body and alleviate pain. Broken down bones release powerful minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium, which seep out into the broth and function as critical building blocks for strong bones! Meanwhile, bone broth delivers a significant dose of glucosamine, an incredible compound that keeps your joints happy while reducing inflammation!

3. It boosts your immune system (Cream of Chicken & Rice Soup)

Ever wondered why Grandma would fix you up a soothing bowl of chicken soup when you were under the weather? Broths, especially bone broths, contain a super high concentration of minerals which collectively behave as your body’s healing toolbox. The bone marrow in this bountiful broth holds powerful lipids which support the production of white blood cells, cells which hunt and destroy those pesky pathogenic ones, ultimately controlling the growth of cancerous tumors and cells. Meanwhile, amino acids like arginine keep the liver functioning at its prime, which in turn strengthens your immunity and wards off sickness.

4. It revs up your energy levels. (Slim Down with the Walk/Run Plan)

Ditch the coffee, people! A cup of bone broth will rev up your system just as much as your typical morning joe, without the unwanted side effects! The superfood’s combination of nutrients, electrolytes, and minerals have incredible hydrating powers that keep fatigue and sluggishness at bay. Experts claim it helps cure insonmia as well, all the more incentive to opt for bone broth over that jitter-inducing cappuccino or sugary energy drunk!

5. It helps you sleep.

Having trouble catching quality ZZZs? Find your solution by whipping up this simmering bone soup. The amino acids in this nutrient-dense broth act as a weapon against disrupted sleep and insomnia. The gelatin in bone broth releases an amino acid called glycine, a compound which affects the neurotransmitters in the brain and induces melatonin production. Regular bone broth consumption will act as a natural sleep enhancer, so you can finally hit the pillow with no interruptions!

Learn more about how to achieve a better night’s rest by making these 5 Small Changes for Better Sleep.

6. It calms anxiety.

Feeling on edge and anxious? Reduce stress and anxiety by curling up to a soothing bowl of bone broth! The osteocalcin in the broth has a direct impact on your mood and anxiety levels, helping to boost the mood and ward off anxiety. In addition, the presence of minerals like Calcium and Magnesium relax the muscles, ultimately calming the body and mind as a whole.

7. It does wonders for your skin.

This broth carries some major beauty benefits, some of which include visibly improving your skin’s health. The incredible broth absorbs collagen from the bones, a nutrient that does a great job promoting your skin’s elasticity while diminishing wrinkles and age spots. So if you’re going after a youthful glow and radiant complexion, get boiling!

When it comes to skin care, you don’t have to empty your wallet on pricy creams and designer lotions, Along with whipping up some bone broth, you can save cash and improve your complexion with these 10 Ways to Get Beautiful Skin.

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