Slim Down with the Walk/Run Plan

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Many of us let our nutrition and fitness plans go into hibernation during the colder months. Unfortunately, when warmer weather arrives, working off those extra pounds requires a plan of action. This walk/run weight loss plan is ideal for shedding those unwanted pounds.

If you’ve been eating clean and working out regularly, perhaps it’s time to mix up your routine a bit in order to maximize your results. Our bodies get stronger and more efficient when we exercise, so over time, if you’re repeating the same workout over and over, you may burn fewer calories. This leads to a plateau in your results, and nobody wants that!

A Weight Loss Plan that Works

To beat the plateau, you need to make sure that you’re mixing up your workouts with a combination of strength and cardio exercise. The walk/run plan will increase your calorie burn and add a new mix to your typical cardio routine.

While this program is doable for all fitness levels, beginners should take a look at the Running Program for Absolute Beginners to ease into this fat-blasting sport! You may also be interested in the 5K Running Guide for Absolute Beginners.

Utilizing Cross-Training

This program combines speed walking, intervals, and jogging to maximize your calorie and fat burning levels. Twice per week, you will focus on cross-training (CT), which will give your body a break from walking and running in order to prevent boredom and injury. On your cross-training days, focus on a combination of cardio exercise and strength-training. For cross-training cardio exercise you can perform a variety of exercises which include aerobics, indoor or outdoor bicycling, skating, swimming, or use any cardio equipment such as an elliptical or treadmill.

*Suggested workouts are included on cross training days, just click on the links.

Additional suggestions for the cardio portion of cross training:

Incorporating Strength Workouts

After 15 to 30 minutes of cross training cardio activity, you’ll move on to a strength workout. Strength workouts are important when it comes to strengthening your muscles for faster, safer walking and running as well as amping up your fat burning. Pick from any of the strength training routines from SkinnyMs. that can be done at home or in the gym. While this is a 6 week program, feel free to incorporate these plans into your day to day workouts!

Additional suggestions for the strength portion of Cross Training:

Slim Down with the Walk:Run Plan1

Slim Down with the Walk/Run Plan

Week 1

1st Day: 1 mile walk

2nd Day: CT (Cross-training)

3rd Day: ½ mile walk, ½ mile jog, ½ mile walk

4th Day: CT (Cross-training)

5th Day: 20 min. Walk/Run Intervals, walk 1 minute/run 1 minute, repeat

6th Day: Rest

7th Day: 2 mile walk

Week 2

8th Day: 1.5 mile walk

9th Day: CT (Cross-training)

10th Day: ½ mile walk, ½ mile jog, ½ mile walk

11th Day: CT (Cross-training)

12th Day: 25 min. Walk/Run Intervals, walk 1 minute/run 1 minute, repeat

13th Day: Rest

14th Day: 1 mile walk, 1 mile jog (walk as needed)

Week 3

15th Day: 2 mile walk

16th Day: CT (Cross-training)

17th Day: ¼ mile walk, ¼ mile jog, repeat to total 2.5 miles

18th Day: CT (Cross-training)

19th Day: 30 min. Walk/Run Intervals, walk 1 minute/run 2 minutes, repeat

20th Day: Rest

21st Day: ½ mile walk, 1.5 mile jog

Slim Down with the Walk:Run Plan2

Week 4

22nd Day: 2 mile walk

23rd Day: CT (Cross-training)

24th Day: ¼ mile walk, ½ mile jog repeat to total 3 miles

25th Day: CT (Cross-training)

26th Day: 40 min. Walk/Run Intervals, walk 1 minute/run 3 minutes, repeat

27th Day: Rest

28th Day: ½ mile walk, 2 mile jog

Week 5

29th Day: 1 mile walk, 2 mile jog

30th Day: CT (Cross-training)

31st Day: ¼ mile walk, ¾ mile jog, repeat to total 3 miles

32nd Day: CT (Cross-training)

33rd Day: 35 min. Walk/Run Intervals, walk 1 minute/run 4 minutes, repeat

34th Day: Rest

35th Day: 2.5 mile jog

Week 6

36th Day: 1 mile walk, 1 mile jog, repeat to total 4 miles

37th Day: CT (Cross-training)

38th Day: ¼ mile walk, ¾ mile jog, repeat to total 4 miles

39th Day: CT (Cross-training)

40th Day: 30 min. Walk/Run Intervals, walk 1 minute/run 1 minute, repeat

41st Day: Rest

42nd Day: 3 mile jog

Remember to refuel after your workouts with a clean snack like any of the ones on our list! SkinnyMs. has more workouts like this one, and healthy recipes to energize you while you sweat!

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Have you tried this walk/run weight loss plan out? If so, what did you think? Let us know in the comment section, below!

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17 Comments on "Slim Down with the Walk/Run Plan"

  1. Lea  October 24, 2014

    I am surely not a runner but would love the take up the challenging, I desire to slim down some. My question is on the days it say "CT", what exactly does that mean?

    • SkinnyMs  October 27, 2014

      Lea, Thanks for the question! CT is Cross-Training and we have gone through the text and updated it with some CT workout suggestions:).

  2. rebecca  December 27, 2014

    This is a fabulous website. Thank you 🙂

  3. Kelly  January 27, 2015

    Once we complete the 6 weeks what would you recommend doing next to keep up the running routine while avoiding plateau?

  4. Larry  March 17, 2015

    Does this work for guys too?

  5. Shelly  January 16, 2017

    Are the shake portions one serving?

    • Gale Compton  January 17, 2017

      Shelly, The shake portions? Which post are you referring to?

  6. Queen  April 24, 2017

    How many pounds would you use during this plan, and can you eat regularly or do we have to go on a diet while doing this plan? Also, can we do more than just what it says on here like double the exercises and do more, or will it mess it up?

    • Gale Compton  April 24, 2017

      Queen, The plan is most effective if followed as listed. How many pounds someone loses will depend on many variables and we have no way of knowing what those are. It’s an excellent plan and a great way to slowly graduate to a running plan.

  7. Jessica M  July 10, 2017

    Is this available in a calendar format?

    • Emilia Horn  July 11, 2017

      No, Jessica, sorry. This is the only format.

  8. Poonkuzzhali Pk  April 14, 2018

    Is there an alternative for cross training, as I do not have dumbbells

  9. Dsj, Ireland  July 23, 2019

    Hi, on a search to get fitter and lighter in 6 weeks (for Vegas holiday!). I came across your website and love it. I’m 49,123.5 lbs and 5’, with a low fitness level. I started the walk/run plan yesterday and clean eating, excited to see how I progress, I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the inspiration👍

    • Erin Milller  July 24, 2019

      Awesome! Be sure to let us know how things are going! You’ve got this! 😉


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