7 Moves for Thinner Thighs

Moves that build muscle while burning fat!

Thighs are one of the harder areas to target. This is because getting that long and lean look requires both building muscle and burning fat. These 7 moves for thinner thighs are designed to do just that! Variations of squats, lunges, and deadlifts target your quads and hamstrings while raising your heart rate. Burpees are great for maximum calorie burn, while clams and side lunges help you tone the outer and inner thigh.

You can follow the workout below or you can combine the moves to make your own routine.

What You’ll Need: an interval timer (free apps are available for download), and a mat or towel to lay on the floor.

What to Do: Set the timer for 40 seconds of exercise and 20 seconds of rest. Cycle through the 7 moves in order. Rest for 60-90 seconds and repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

If the workout becomes too easy, try some of our suggestions for more challenging moves. You don’t have to do all 7 challenge moves in a single workout. Mix-and-match regular and challenge moves to create the routine that works for you!

Below we’ve included videos showing you how to perform each move. Using proper form helps prevent injuries and ensures you’re getting the most out of your workout.

1. Jump Squat

The jump squat is great for for your thighs because it activates the large quadricep muscle and it raises your heart rate for optimal calorie burn.

When you’re ready for a challenge try: 180-Degree Jump Squat

2. Walking Lunges

Lunges are great for your quads and hamstrings. Try lunging down hallways and across rooms (perhaps not while at work) and you’ll see how a few reps of this move can leave your legs burning.

When you’re ready for a challenge try: Jumping Lunges

3. Reverse Lunges

The reverse lunge puts the focus on the quads. It’s one of the best moves for thinner thighs because it also burns a lot of calories. More muscle + less fat = long lean look!

When you’re ready for a challenge try: Reverse Lunge with Front Kick

4. Single-Leg Deadlifts

This balancing act is harder than it looks. With the single leg deadlift, you should feel a nice stretch on the back of your leg. This is elongating your hamstring while making it stronger.

When you’re ready for a challenge try: Single-Leg Deadlift with Dumbbells (about 5 lb.)

5. Burpees

Most gym rats have a love/hate relationship with burpees. Sure, they make us sweat pretty quickly, but that’s also why they’re a great move for this thinner thigh workout. Burpees activate the large thigh muscles while also burning calories quickly.

When you’re ready for a challenge try: Tuck Jump Burpee

6. Alternating Side Lunges

This is great for targeting your inner thighs. Strengthening your inner thighs will help you get all-around tone on your legs and will lead to a more even performance.

When you’re ready for a challenge try: Side Jump

7. Clams

Clams target your outer thigh. They’ll help you build muscles in those hard-to-target areas. The key to this exercise is to have proper form, so make sure to watch the videos below to get the most out of your workout.

When you’re ready for a challenge try: Side Plank Clams

Jump Squat

180-Degree Jump Squat

Walking Lunges

Jumping Lunges

Reverse Lunges

Reverse Lunge with Front Kick

Single-Leg Deadlifts


Tuck Jump Burpees

Alternating Side Lunges

Side Jump

Clams & Side Plank Clams

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