7 Short Exercises You Can Do During Lunch

Just a few minutes and these moves will revitalize your body and mind.

Preparing for a serious work or study session? When we’re working on projects for a long time, it’s easy to become exhausted and lose concentration. We get tired just from sitting in a chair for hours. Although it might sound strange, performing a quick 5- to 10-minute workout as a break can help you feel more energized. It will revitalize your mind and help you focus on the task ahead.

The next time you’re spending hours working on a project or studying for an exam, perform one of these quick workouts. They’re so short you can do them during your lunch break!

1. Workday Arms Challenge
If you have access to a chair or bench, you can complete this arm challenge during your lunch break. You will be performing dips to target your triceps and push-ups for strong shoulders, biceps, and abs.

2. 5-Minute Rise & Shine Morning Workout
This no-equipment workout will revitalize you and leave you full of energy. It’s perfect to perform as a short break during long study or work sessions. Just five minutes of blood-pumping moves will leave you feeling like you can take on any problem!

3. 7-Day Squat Challenge
This challenge will have you completing 50, 100, or 200 squats each day for a week. Squats are basic exercises that don’t require much space or any fancy equipment. Wherever you are, you can take a short break during your day to work toward completing this challenge.

Some of the squat variations require dumbbells, but you can use any weighted item as a substitute. This includes water gallons, heavy books, and even paperweights.

4. Push-Ups
The perfect break exercise might just be the push-up. Push-ups are a basic move that target your entire body. They work your abs, shoulders, back, and arms. Push-ups are ideal for breaks because they require no equipment.

5. 10-Minute Weightless Workout
Done in just ten minutes with no special equipment, this quick workout makes a perfect study or work break. You can do it outside on a beautiful day or even in your living room.

6. Low-Impact Total-Body Workout
Low-impact moves are easy on your knees, ankles, and other joints. Instead of jumping and sprinting, this workout consists of moves that are unlikely to cause or aggravate injuries. These moves are great to perform when you have limited time or space, making it an ideal break workout.

7. Strengthening Hand & Wrist Workout
We love this workout because it gives your joints a nice respite from typing. These seven moves can be completed at your desk using any weighted item. If you own a set of light dumbbells, they would be ideal. However, you can also complete the workout using water bottles, paperweights, or even soup cans.

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