7 Types of Squats for a Better Butt

Squat your way to a toned, lifted butt!

7 Types of Squats for a Better Butt

Most women at some point have asked what type of squats make your bum bigger, and many would agree that having a great butt to show off in a bikini, daisy dukes, and skinny jeans would be pretty awesome. Are you happy with the way your booty looks? If not, we are about to give you 7 fabulous new ways to give yourself a natural butt lift while firming and shaping, too! Try out our 7 Types of Squats for a Better Butt to start seeing changes!

What Type of Squats Make Your Bum Bigger?

7 Types of Squats for a Better Butt

Take it from us; these squats will work your glutes better than cardio ever could! You shouldn’t be doing the same type of squats every time you work out. Hitting the glutes from different angles will ensure that you build a perfectly shaped bottom!

These 7 types of squats were chosen because they range from easy to difficult and can be modified for beginners or performed with a heavier weight to make them more difficult. We’ve included instructional videos for each type of squat at the bottom of this post. So if you’re thinking and asking yourself what type of squats make your bum bigger, then look no further because we’ve compiled some of the best exercises to help you get a bigger bum!

Challenge Yourself: Perform 50-100 Squats each day! You can do them all at once or break it up throughout the day! Pick a different type to perform every day!

1. Body Weight Squats

This is just a regular squat with zero exercise equipment. There are no dumbbells, barbells, or kettle-bells involved. Just get into basic squat form, feet hip width apart, feet slightly pointed out, squat down to where your knees reach a 90 degree angle and then try to maintain the weight through your heels as you push yourself back up to start. Remember to not lean forward and to maintain a flat back throughout the exercise. Your knees should never track over your toes.

2. Plie (Sumo) Squats

In this squat, your feet need to be wider than hip-width apart with your feet angled significantly outward. The same rules of a regular squat apply to this one. Remember to push through your heels, as this will keep the focus in your glutes! Be sure to keep your back in line. For Plie squats, your knees will be pointed outward. This is going to target your inner thighs and give your booty a lift. If you need to make it more difficult, grab some weights or a kettlebell!

3. Pulse Squats

Get into basic squat form and once you reach the bottom of the squat, instead of coming all the way back up, only come halfway up, and then lower back down into the squat. Repeat this multiple times to “pulse.” You will really feel the burn with this one!

4. Plyometric (Jump) Squats

This type of squat will really get your heart rate up. You use the same rule of form as a bodyweight squat, but instead, when you get to the bottom of the squat, you are going to explode up and land softly on your toes. Try to control each movement from start to finish for the duration of the exercise.

5. Split Squats

This type of squat is done on one leg. You’re going to lift your left leg either behind you or keep it as straight as possible in front of you while you squat down on your right leg. If you’re just beginning, you can hold on to something or use a chair to learn the movement. Again, try to keep your weight on your heel to hit the booty. If you’ve mastered the movement, hold on to some extra weight!

6. Goblet Squats

This squat is done in more of a Plie form with feet wider than hip-width apart, and feet angled slightly outward. You can use a kettlebell or one big heavy dumbbell. Hold the kettlebell or the head of the dumbbell at chest level. Slowly sink down into the squat as you thrust your weight back up through your heels.

7. Barbell Back Squats

This type of squat is a pretty advanced exercise that needs to be done in the gym. Put the barbell on your shoulders, mostly laying on your trapezius muscle, or the “traps”. Keep your chest out and your head up. This squat is done with normal squat form, but the reason it is more advanced is because it allows you to add a lot of weight. Keep in mind that heavier weight will make you more shapely as well as stronger!

Watch the Instructional Videos Below for the Correct Form!

Body Weight Squats

Plie (Sumo) Squats

Pulse Squats

Plyometric (Jump) Squats

Split Squats

Goblet Squats

Barbell Back Squats

Well, you wanted to know what type of squats make your bum bigger, and we delivered! Keep up this routine paired with a good amount of protein in your diet and you’ll be seeing the results of a bigger bum in no time!

In just a few weeks you may begin to notice a fuller and rounder behind, but if your progress is slower, don’t lose hope! 

Which type of squat is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below! Keep in mind that consistency is key. In order to build and shape your booty, you need to perform these squats routinely.

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