8 Dos and Don’ts at the Gym

Keep these in mind, and you'll be all set.

We’ve all seen and heard them…those gym-goers who seem to make it a point to annoy everyone around them. From the loud grunting, to the inappropriate clothing, to the dripping sweat and foul body odors, these obnoxious exercisers don’t seem to have any concept of consideration for others. Just as there are manners for the dinner table, there are manners for the gym. Make the most of your gym time, and let others make the most of theirs by following some basic dos and don’ts at the gym.

Gym Dos and Don’ts:

1. DO Take Turns

There’s nothing worse than watching someone hang out and chat on a piece of gym equipment that you’re waiting to use. Not only does this break the first rule of gym etiquette, it’s just plain rude. Avoid taking long rests when others are waiting, and during busy hours, be sure to allow others to “work in” on a piece of equipment by alternating sets.

2. DON’T Ignore Time Limits

Most gyms ask that you limit time on cardio machines to 30 minutes during peak hours. Respect these time limits so that others can get the most out of their gym time, too. Plus, incorporating a variety of different activities into your fitness routine gives you a greater full-body workout.

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3. DO Carry a Towel

Sure. Slip-and-Slides were fun as a kid, but slipping and sliding on someone else’s sweat is just plain disgusting. Carry a towel and wipe down each piece of equipment after you use it to be respectful of others and eliminate the gross factor immensely.

4. DON’T Be a Loud Talker

Remember that Seinfeld episode? Nobody likes a loud talker. Respect those around you by refraining from holding loud conversations in public areas. This means no cell-phones, too. Whatever you have to say, can wait. If you have enough energy to carry on in a loud manner, you’re probably not working out hard enough, anyway.

5. DO Return Weights

Keep the gym safe, tidy, and organized for others by returning free weights to where you found them. The same goes for other pieces of gym equipment, like medicine balls, belts, and stability balls.

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6. DON’T Wear Perfume and Lotions

You may love the smell of your favorite perfume, but not everyone else will. Respect the noses of those around you by saving scented perfumes and lotions for date night. This doesn’t mean you should skip the deoderant, though. Just opt for non-scented varieties.

7. DO Ask for Help

Most gyms have a personal trainer on duty to answer questions about equipment and to help members to improve their form. If you’re not sure how to perform a particular exercise or how to use a piece of equipment, just ask. Most trainers would be more than happy to help!

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8. DON’T Forget to Wash Your Hands

Like it or not, quite a lot of bodily fluids call the gym home. Chances are, your gym has more germs lurking around on the floor and equipment than it has in its bathroom. While you can’t completely avoid them, keep yourself healthy by washing your hands regularly, and for goodness sake, keep your hands away from your face!

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