Fitness Guru Secret: How To Get Free Personal Training

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You enter the gym with no plan. So you decide to do forty-five minutes on the elliptical. No…the treadmill, nope not feeling the treadmill. Dang, it’s too late to sign up for the spin class. How about the stair climber? Yeah, the stair climber. You climb aboard and step up for a few minutes. You struggle to get in a groove and you’re not feeling what’s on your Ipod. Still, you’re at the gym and that’s saying something—right?

From your position, you can see all over the place. Everyone’s doing what’s familiar, most apparently winging it but a few actually know what they’re doing–especially the woman ahead and to your right who is staring in the mirror. Her body is tight, and she’s wearing those Lululemon pants you tried on but thought better of it. She is focused, and her form is dead-on perfect—even you–a novice, can tell she knows what she’s doing. She’s pissing you off. You tell yourself, “Shoot, I’d be like that too if I only ate lettuce and took fat burners!”

You press on with your tedious forty-five minute climb, get off, and walk past her, watching her subtle admiration for herself. You want to stick some fries in her face and watch her squirm. She looks up and notices you staring and barely grins. Ughh! You go to the first open nautilus machine and continue with a blasé workout that does nothing for your confidence.

Let me tell you how you can capitalize on this situation should it come up again. When you see someone who is obviously skilled at body sculpting, turn your admiration into personal gain. Find an aspect of that person’s body that you admire—and want to learn how to train your self. Go up to her and say, “Excuse me, but I really admire how you train, especially your (let’s say biceps) biceps. How do you get them to look that way?”

Remember, although it appears this person is dedicated and driven by vanity and ego, they have a secret desire to share their knowledge. You won’t find many out there who will refuse to tell you their training techniques—you just have to humble yourself for a moment. She will give you tips and pointers, and soon whenever you train around her, she’ll offer adjustments and advice. You will have yourself a free personal trainer.

Last tip:  when you receive pointers and advice, try hard to learn them and perfect them yourself, so you—too—can be solicited for advice one day.

Ganious, a health and wellness coach and trainer for well over eighteen years, offers free fitness tips on nutritional strategy (especially transitioning to a vegan diet), working out (properly), and gaining a mental edge on his website: He is also an author, was featured on the cover of The Los Angeles Times (March 3, 2003) as the featured trainer in Los Angeles. Ganious was born in Brooklyn, NY and now resides in the Los Angeles area.

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