8 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories

We all know that exercise is important, and everyone should include it in her day. Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, physical fitness can fall by the wayside. Luckily, you can burn extra calories throughout your day without heading to the gym at all. These simple, fun activities help you burn 100 calories fast. You can even combine several of them throughout the day to work off several hundred extra calories.

Here are 8 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories:

1. Stand and Work
If you stand for just 10 minutes an hour for eight hours, you will work off 100 more calories than you would if you were sitting during that time. More and more research is revealing that sitting for several hours everyday is ruining our health, so get up and cap off each hour on your feet.

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2. Use Your Break for Walking
Exercising on a work break? Probably not something you are interested in doing. Fortunately, you can get in a mild 20-minute workout without even breaking a sweat. The next time you are tempted to hop in your car and head for an afternoon pick-me-up cup of coffee, walk to your destination instead. You might even find the walk eliminates the need for the caffeine kick.

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3. Fidget
Wiggle your foot, tap your pencil, or bounce your leg to burn excess calories. Done throughout the day at your desk, you can burn 100 calories without even noticing. Phone time is also great for burning calories. Instead of sitting during your next chat, pace throughout the room. You will burn 100 calories for every 30-minute phone conversation.

4. Head to the Mall
Great news! A 30 minute shopping trip burns 100 calories and is a lot of fun. If you lack the funds or time to shop for fun stuff, plan your weekly supermarket trip on a day when you skip your traditional workout.

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5. Tend Your Garden
The bending and pulling required for gardening not only burn calories, it results in a yard filled with healthy vegetables. What’s better than filling up on delicious veggies straight from the garden? Try this recipe for a Garden Salad with Lemon and Oil Dressing.

6. Clean Your Home
Motivating yourself to get the daily and weekly cleaning in is a tall order for some people. Knowing that cleaning torches calories can help you get going. Best of all, serious seasonal cleaning burns even more, so stop putting off your to-do list and get going.

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7. Go Sightseeing
If you are like most people, there are probably several tourist attractions in your own town you have never visited. Plan a day filled with sightseeing and visiting some of your city’s hot spots. Just be sure to walk to as many destinations as possible.

8. Organize a Game of Darts with Friends
Has it been awhile since your last night out with your pals? Schedule an adult play date, but invite everyone to participate in a few games of darts. If you normally get together with friends to sit, chat, and imbibe, the extra activity of a dart game helps you burn off a few of your night out indulgences.

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  1. #3: Figit. Did you really mean to say that you can shed 100 pounds without even noticing? I think you meant burn 100 calories per day without much effort.

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