9 Best Brain Diet Foods

Your brain gets hungry too- feed it the right way!

Eating the right foods can help you look, feel, and think better. That’s right. Research proves that certain foods enhance your everyday brain skills. Besides making you sharper, a diet comprised of the right nutrients can protect your brain against degeneration, warding off Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Eating brain food also nourishes your neurons and boosts your brain’s production of neurotransmitters.

If you’re wondering which brain diet foods you should go after, we’ve rounded up our top picks of foods that’ll boost your brainpower. These wholesome, uber-nutritious noms are bursting with key nutrients to enhance your memory, attention, and learning abilities. Who knew your diet could make you smarter?

1. Walnuts
Take a good look at a walnut. It looks suspiciously like the human brain! It’s no surprise these miracle nuts make the ultimate brain food. Replete with omega-3s, fatty acids crucial for normal brain functioning, walnuts are also known to raise melatonin levels. This helps you ward off sleeplessness and sluggish brain activity. Grab a few before dashing out the door!

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2. Salmon
You might’ve been told to eat salmon before a big test, and the advice has some validity. Deep water fish like salmon are chock-full of omega-3s, which boost the synapses in your brain associated with memory. We’re not saying a salmon dinner will have you acing tests left and right. With the fish’s memory-jogging properties, however, it could help!

Are ordinary salmon dinners getting a little monotonous? Give this salmon recipe archive a read, and you’ll never be bored again! 21 Quick & Easy Salmon Dinner Recipes.

3. Lentils
Sharpen up with some lentils! Lentils deliver a steady dose of glucose to the brain. Glucose serves as the major source of energy for cells in the body and powers up brain cells. The fiber in lentils monitors and stabilizes the release of glucose, so your brain cells can use them optimally. Fiber also has a satiating effect, helping curb cravings.

Whip up this simply delicious Penne Pasta with Lentils & Kale featuring the brain-boosting legume.

4. Pomegranate Juice
Just as your body feeds off the nutrients from your food, so does your brain! Uber-nutritious pomegranate juice offers a feast of incredible brain-boosting nutrients. With its soaring concentration of antioxidants, pomegranate juice prevents free radicals from damaging brain cells. Its antioxidants repel radicals from your heart. Science shows people with healthy hearts tend to have better memories.

Pomegranates have more than just brain-boosting powers! Read up on their miraculous health benefits with 4 Ways Pomegranates are Powerful for your Health.

5. Spinach
Spinach offers an infinite spectrum of health benefits. It’s no wonder the superfood literally supercharges your brain. Spinach contains a bunch of vital enzymes and nutrients that strengthen synapses and release healthy levels of neurotransmitters. You can’t go wrong by following in Popeye’s footsteps and squeezing more spinach into your diet! 

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