9 Moves to Get a Beyoncé Bubble Butt

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Turn on the television or open a glossy magazine, and you’ll soon find out that bubble butts are “in”! Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez brought them into style, and Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are keeping them in the spotlight. But just doing squats alone won’t get the job done. You have to hit your glutes at every angle possible, with workouts including side, forward, and reverse lunges, deadlifts, and kicks. This bubble butt workout is designed to round and firm the entire butt.

Equipment Needed: Medium dumbbells (8-12 lbs), water for hydration, yoga mat.

What to Do: Review the routine and videos below. Perform each exercise for 10 reps resting 30 seconds between each workout. For separate leg exercises perform 10 reps on each side. Perform this workout 2-3 times a week. Each workout day switch the routine around to keep your butt muscles guessing. This will help to round and tone the gluteal muscles faster.

Beginner’s Level: 1 round
Intermediate Level: 2 rounds
Advanced Level: 3 rounds


1. Alternating Dumbbell Side Lunge
2. Romanian Deadlift
3. Sumo Squat
4. Donkey Kicks
5. Goblet Squat
6. Dumbbell Step Up
7. Dumbbell Swing
8. Forward Lunge
9. Reverse Lunge

Alternating Dumbbell Side Lunge

Romanian Deadlift

Sumo Squat

Donkey Kicks

Goblet Squat

Dumbbell Step Up

Dumbbell Swing

Forward Lunge, Reverse Lunge

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