Anytime Fitness Looks to Motivate the Gym-Phobic and Unathletic Among Us

Getting the gym-phobic to the gym!

National gym chain, Anytime Fitness, has launched a brand new ad campaign that sets it apart from the scores of billboards and television spots promising young, fit people even more toned, ripped abs.

According to Ad Age, Anytime Fitness is targeting those of us who may need a bit of little extra help on the road to fitness. The new ad focuses on older people, overweight people, or even harried moms and dads who need a little extra motivation to shed the excess layer of fat around their mid-section that wasn’t there a decade ago!

Anything but intimidating, these ads are a powerful tool in motivating Americans who may be fearful of joining a gym, or may even think that they are too old, too unhealthy, or too unathletic to get fit. As a somewhat injury-prone person who has trouble with speed and endurance, these ads really speak to me! As much as I love whipping up healthy meals in my kitchen, I’m sometimes afraid that I’m too slow or too clumsy to join a class at my local gym. This article actually prompted me to check out where my nearest Anytime Fitness is located. The idea that someone who is not perfectly toned, or doesn’t exactly know how to properly use a kettlebell, might be welcome in any of their locations, has me motivated and interested in learning more about their company. If more gyms and fitness programs targeted people who aren’t gym rats by nature, they might actually convert many of us and help us to get just a bit more fit, one day at a time.

Source: Ad Age

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