7-Day At-Home Ab Workout Routine

This week-long workout will whittle your waist and flatten your tummy in under 30 minutes per day!

At-Home Ab Workout

You don’t need to spend a ton of time, or even belong to a fancy gym, to sculpt a killer core! With this At-Home Ab Workout, you can build the sexy 6-pack that you’ve always dreamed of from the comfort of your own home!

In order to uncover your abs, you’ll need to make sure that you’re eating a healthy, well-rounded diet. This 7-Day Clean Eating Survival Guide for Beginners is the perfect plan to go along with this 7-day routine!

We all have abs, but excess belly fat can keep them covered. When you eat clean, all-natural food, you end up eating fewer calories throughout the day, which will enable you to shed that belly fat once and for all! Check out these 7 Tiny Changes to Help You Get a Flat Belly. Small changes in your diet and lifestyle can go a long way.

It’s also important to make sure that you’re performing cardio/HIIT exercise. These 2 forms of exercise will burn more fat to help you reveal your abs faster! As you will see, this at-home ab workout will combine ab-shaping moves with fat-melting exercise.

The Workout

What you need: All that you need for this 7-day routine is a Yoga Mat or Towel.

What you do: For Days 1, 2, 4, & 6, you will perform each exercise for 45 seconds, giving yourself 15 seconds rest in between each move. Complete 3 total rounds for 12 minutes total. On Days 3, 5, & 7, you will perform the cardio/HIIT routine, as directed in the link. We’ve included instructional videos for each exercise on page 2.

Day 1

Plank Taps

Leg Lifts

Bird Dog Crunch (Left)

Bird Dog Crunch (Right)

Day 2


Heel Touches

Bicycle Crunches


Day 3

Belly Fat Melting HIIT Workout

Day 4

Hollow Rock

Mason Twist

Criss Cross Kicks


Day 5

30-Minute Melt Off the Weight Cardio Workout

Day 6

Side Plank Hold (Left)

Side Plank Hold (Right)

Sit-Up to Twist

Flutter Kicks

Day 7

The Best Fat-Burning HIIT Workout

Instructional Videos

Plank Taps – Day 1

Leg Lifts – Day 1

Bird Dog Crunch – Day 1

Sit-Ups – Day 2

Heel Touches – Day 2

 Bicycle Crunches – Day 2

Corkscrew – Day 2

Hollow Rock – Day 4

Mason Twist – Day 4

Criss-Cross Kicks – Day 4

Dead-Bug – Day 4

Side Plank Hold – Day 6

Sit-Up to Twist – Day 6

Flutter Kicks – Day 6

This week has been a great start, but for most of us, this is a routine that should be maintained for 4-6 weeks! The longer you stick to it, the greater your results will be!

What did you think about this at-home ab workout? We’d love to hear your thoughts and all about your results in the comment section!

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