Best At-Home Workouts That Will Make You Freeze Your Gym Membership

You don't need to spend money to get fit.

6. The Ultimate Abs Workout

The all-time ultimate workout for defined abdominal muscles and a narrow waist. For this routine, we chose seven exercises that won’t just challenge your muscles, but also raise your heart rate to help reduce stubborn belly fat.

7. 15-Minute Indoor Bodyweight HIIT

Weight lifting has many benefits, but you can grow strong and get fit using nothing but your bodyweight. This short but intense bodyweight workout uses a combination of moves that quickly raise your heart rate. The mountain climbers and squat jacks target your shoulders and abs. Leg lifts work your lower abdominals. Meanwhie, skaters and lunges work the lower body.

8. 10 Yoga Poses for Faster Weight Loss

Kickstart weight loss with this yoga workout. Many women underestimate the transformation you can achieve with daily yoga workouts. Yoga makes your muscles stronger, while improving balance and flexibility. And yoga is a perfect practice if you’re thinking of giving up your gym membership.

9. Abs, Butt, Legs Home Workout

The areas women want to target most often are the abs, butt, and legs, so we made a workout that focuses on all three! The workout has 7 moves. Complete all the exercises before resting and repeating.

10. At-Home CrossFit Workout

CrossFit has recently become supremely popular within the fitness community, and for good reason. CrossFit works! It makes you stronger, lowers your body fat percentage, and builds a community that helps you stay motivated. It might sound intimidating, but CrossFit is simply a style of workout that uses complexes, or a mix of timed intervals and counted reps. This at-home CrossFit workout is  is a great way to get some exercise in even when you can’t make it to the gym.

These at-home workouts prove that you don’t need a gym membership to be in shape. In fact, you can be in the best shape of your life without ever stepping inside a gym or hiring a personal trainer. What matters is that you stay motivated and push yourself to work a little harder every day!

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