Beginner’s 10-Minute Makeover

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Starting a workout plan has been on your to-do list for months. You see yourself working out, feel good about your commitment, and smile at the new you: you’re more lean and toned, you feel healthier than you ever have, and you have lasting energy that keeps you going all day. The only problem is that you don’t know where to start. Our Beginner’s 10-Minute Makeover incorporates every major muscle group to help you strengthen, tone, and burn fat.

Gyms can be intimidating and workouts can seem confusing, especially if they don’t prepare your entire body for the changes that are on the way. Follow this total body workout routine, start making healthy choices and your new body will soon become a reality.

Beginner’s 10-Minute Makeover

total body workout

What You’ll Need: yoga mat or soft surface and an interval timer (free interval apps are available on your phone)

What To Do: Follow the directions specified for your fitness level.

Beginner Workout: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds after each round. Complete 3 rounds. Perform four times a week

Intermediate Workout: Perform each exercise for 45 seconds. Rest 30 seconds after each round. Complete 4 rounds. Perform four times a week.

Advanced Workout: Perform each exercise for 45 seconds. Rest 30 seconds after each round. Complete 5 rounds. Perform four times a week.


1. Modified Push-ups
2. Burpees
3. Bicycle
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Prisoner Squats
6. Russian Twists

Instructional Videos

Modified Push-ups



Mountain Climbers

Prisoner Squats

Russian Twists

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4 Comments on "Beginner’s 10-Minute Makeover"

  1. Mary  July 16, 2017

    I’m 65, so these were too hard for me at this point. Wish you had something for seniors!

    • Emilia Horn  July 17, 2017

      Sorry, Mary, but thanks for the suggestion! You’re right–we should come up with a workout for seniors.

  2. Rita  July 18, 2017

    I will started today and I am planning to take picture every two weeks wish me luck!!I have a big family reunion in December and I want to look giod. So far this is one of the best work out that I found. Thank you!!!


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