Beginner’s Weight Loss Workout Plan

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So, you’ve taken the plunge! You’ve accepted the challenge to finally get in better shape, and you’re all geared for a brand new healthy lifestyle. You bought new workout clothes, shopped for some low-cal veggies, invested in a gym membership, and maybe you even threw out the junk food from the pantry. Now the question is, how do you do it? How do you get in shape? We’ve built this Beginner’s Weight Loss Workout Plan to show you one good way to do it.

The Beginner’s Weight Loss Workout Plan is a weekly plan to help you get started on the fitness journey. It’ll give you a variety of workouts to choose from, so you can learn how to perform basic moves properly and effectively. With this plan, your intro to the gym will be demanding enough to get results, but not so demanding that you’ll become drained. The trick is to push your body just to the limit of burning out.

Each day, you’ll choose two out of four possible workouts. The workouts are short, beginner-friendly, yet effective. They’re good for building strength and cardiac endurance. No matter what your end goals are (whether it’s drastic weight loss or lean muscle), this weekly workout guide is a great place to start.

You can vary the workouts as much as you like. What matters is that every day you do your best and don’t give up! Hang in there until you complete the routine.

How to get the best results from your beginner’s workout plan:

  • Make it harder to skip workouts by setting yourself up for success. If your plan is to workout in the mornings, leave your gym bag packed, your workout clothes laid out, and even your water bottle filled. Don’t give yourself time to reconsider getting back in bed.
  • Always remember that abs are made in the kitchen. It’s easier to undo a good workout with a bad diet than it is to undo a bad diet with a good workout. We have a couple of meal plans such as this one to help you get started.
  • Hold yourself accountable. Decide what your goals are and then write them down. Keep a journal or calendar where you can track progress and mark milestones. Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements.
  • Face your fears. Often, what hold us back from getting in shape is fear. Fear of making a fool of ourselves at the gym, a fear of failure, and/or a fear of never achieving our goals. Face those fears head on! Oftentimes, you’ll find you were afraid of nothing. Remind yourself daily of why you chose to do this.
  • Don’t expect perfection from yourself. You’re more likely to give up if you don’t allow yourself any sweets or any rest days. Fitness is not about making yourself miserable. It’s about making the healthier choice whenever possible.

Start right here, right now! No excuses! Download the calendar to get started. Let us know in the comments if this workout plan has been a success for you.

Download your free Beginner’s Weight Loss Workout Plan Calendar!

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