Best 2-Minute Workouts for Busy Women

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As a busy woman, you might not have as much time to workout as you would like. While models and celebrities get paid to be at the gym for hours every day, the rest of us have to balance work, school, meals, relationships, and fitness. That’s a lot! Nevertheless, it’s not impossible.

You can spread these 2-minute workouts for busy women through the day so that you stay active all day long. Use them to break up sedentary periods at work or in between errands, and knock them out while you microwave leftovers, preheat the oven, or boil water. Not only will it help you stay active, but it combats monotony and might even improve your overall concentration.

Below, find five workouts for busy women. Since all you need is two minutes and plenty of dedication, anyone can take them on!

1. The Squat Challenge
Do squats for two minutes. Whenever you squat down, hold the position for five seconds before pushing back up. While this workout is great for raising your heart rate, it also helps build lean leg muscles.

2. The Plank Challenge
Hold plank position for 30 seconds, resting on your knees for a split second in between sets. Repeat a total of four times to complete the two minutes.

3. High Knees/Squat Combo
If the squat challenge is not enough of a cardio workout for you, try this high knees squat combo. First, perform high knees for 30 seconds, then quickly switch to 30 seconds of squats with no break in between. Repeat to complete the two minutes.

4. Plank/Mountain Climber Combo
This workout is perfect for targeting arms and abs. First, plank for thirty seconds, then quickly switch to 30 seconds of mountain climbers with no break in between. Repeat to complete the two minutes. For this workout, challenge yourself to never put your knees down on the floor. Holding yourself aloft will help strengthen your abs, arms, and shoulders.

5. The Anything Bicep Curl
Whenever you grab a heavy item in your house or around your office, do bicep curls to strengthen your arms and tone muscles. Complete one minute on each arm. Ideally, you want an item that challenges you to complete the minute, but doesn’t ruin your form, so don’t pick something too heavy. Using proper form helps prevent injuries and ensures you’re getting the most out of your workout.



High Knees

Mountain Climbers

Bicep Curls

2 Comments on "Best 2-Minute Workouts for Busy Women"

  1. Titchy  January 20, 2017

    Hi i just wanted to know if i could do all the workouts here as ive had a hernia operation on the femoral area recently then another op on the umbilical area not long sfterwards?
    Are there any exercises i csn do to get my abdominal muscles back to being firm again?
    Please could you advise

    • Gale Compton  January 21, 2017

      I highly recommend you check with your doctor about specific exercises you can do without injury. 🙂


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