Best Exercises for a Natural Breast Lift

By firming your underlying chest muscles and improving your posture, your breasts will become perkier (and sexier!)

Chest Workout with dumbbells

We all have certain things about our bodies that we’d like to change. You probably already have one or two areas in mind. Many women would agree that their breasts are towards the top of the list. While weight loss is great for your health, often times your cup size is the first thing to drop. No matter how big or small, we can all agree that we just want our girls to be perky! This routine is chock-full of the best exercises for a natural breast lift.

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There’s no reason to spend a bunch of money on a surgical procedure when you can naturally lift your breasts with a few simple exercises. These moves can be performed from home or at the gym in as little as 10 minutes. You will notice that not all of these movements are specifically chest exercises, either. This routine also focuses on moves that will improve your posture. Training yourself to sit up straight with your shoulders back can provide an immediate, lifted look.

The Best Exercises for a Natural Breast Lift

What you need: yoga mat or towel / 2 pairs of dumbbells (varying weights) / loop band / bench (optional) *exercises demonstrated on a bench can be performed from the floor.

What to do: Perform 20 repetitions for each exercise. Complete the number of rounds specified for your fitness level. Rest up to 3 minutes between rounds. You can perform this routine up to 4 times per week.

Beginner: 1 round

Intermediate: 2-3 rounds

Advanced: 4-5 rounds

We’ve included instructional videos for each exercise below.

  • Push-Up

  • Chest Press

  • Reverse Fly

  • Chest Fly

  • Pull-Over

  • Elbow Squeeze Shoulder Press

  • Cobra Lat Pull-Down

  • Around the World

Instructional Videos


Chest Press

Reverse Fly

Chest Fly


Elbow Squeeze Shoulder Press

Cobra Lat Pull-Down

Around the World

For best results, perform this routine multiple times per week, for a minimum of 4 weeks. When it comes to changing your body and making real progress, you must stay consistent.

What did you think of our best exercises for a natural breast lift? Do you have a favorite chest or posture exercise? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments section!

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