The Best Sports Bras for Maximum Support

Don't settle for second rate!

These best rated sports bras will provide the support you need! And you can get them online right now.

It can be difficult to find a sports bra that both flatters and provides much-needed support. This is especially true for women with bigger cup sizes. Jumping and running are great but not when it means that the girls are bouncing all over the place. Wearing a poor sports bra means shoulder pain, back pain, and just straight out discomfort.

Don’t settle for a second rate bra. These best rated sports bras help you get the most out of your workout by providing support where you most need it.

1. Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra

This is one of the best rated sports bras on Amazon and for good reason! Available in sizes 32C to 42DDD, it’s meant to provide maximum support during high-impact activities such as running, jumping, dancing. You can get this bra in fun colors or even in nude beige for day-to-day activities.

2. Champion Women’s Show Off Sports Bra

This is a sports bra built with women in mind. The design eliminates most pesky sports bra problems. It has a hook and eye back closure to give you more wiggle room when you’re pulling it over your head. The racerback straps adjust in the front, so that you don’t have to awkwardly reach back. And the best part is that this bra provides maximum support, making it ideal for women who wear larger cup sizes.

3. Champion Women’s Sport Comfort Full-Support Sports Bra

Another bra specifically made for bigger ladies! This one is available up to a size 42DDD. It features gel-infused adjustable straps to avoid shoulder pain, and a hook and eye black closure for easy on and off.

4. Nike’s Women’s Fitness Bra

You can’t go wrong with this basic bra. The design is ideal for A, B, and C cups, with light padding and some compression to provide security and support.

5. Syrokan Women’s High Impact Support Sports Bra

This sports bra is available from size 32B to 44F. It’s meant to provide support during high impact activities, meaning both comfort and bounce control, without an underwire. Additionally this bra has a hook and eye closure for ease and an open back design meant to keep you sweat free.

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  1. Being a D cup, it is often difficult to find a sports bra that fits. I have tried doubling up (can’t breathe!) and numerous “high impact” sports bras. I have found the Champion line to be one of the best for reducing jiggle. They fit snugly and hold everything in place. I was glad to see them in this post!

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