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Melt fat while having a blast!

When you’re looking for extreme fitness results, sometimes you just have to go extreme with your workouts. Or, better yet, go ChaLEAN Extreme with the ChaLEAN Extreme – Beach Body Workout Program! This clinically proven fat-loss system has shown results in all shapes, sizes, and ages, with some participants losing as much as 60% of their body fat in just 90 days. Now, that’s extreme!

The ChaLEAN Extreme program was founded by fitness guru, Chalene Johnson. After years of working out and instructing others in her signature Turbo Jam, a group exercise class that combines dance, funk, and kick boxing, Chalene found that she just wasn’t seeing the results that she expected anymore, so she set out in search of a solution. Following months of research on the latest scientific findings, she found that she had known the answer all along: Muscle Weighs More Than Fat! So, the ChaLEAN Extreme program was born.

The secret to the program lies in Lean Phasing, or a three-phase system that shifts the focus of your workouts from cardio to intense resistance training, helping you to build lean muscle and boost metabolism. This allows you to lose weight all day long, even when you’re at rest. Does it get much better? The program never gets old, either, because the workouts are always changing. Cardio, weight training, intervals, core work, the ChaLEAN Extreme program hits them all.

Ready to go Extreme? Order your ChaLEAN Extreme – Beach Body Workout Program, and you’ll receive an arsenal of support tools to help you on your fitness journey.

Check out all that is included with the program:

Order today, and you’ll also receive 5 free gifts, at over $120 value!

  • Ab Burner for tightening your tummy
  • The Extreme Abs Ab Routine
  • A Fat-Burning Food Guide
  • A Pro-Grade Resistance Band
  • A Thigh-Toner Band

So, what are you waiting for? There’s really no excuse not to get started on the road to a trimmer, tighter, stronger, and healthier you, today! Click now to get started!


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