How to Cut Dairy From Your Diet

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It’s safe to say that the American diet is very fond of dairy products. From cheese to milk to ice cream, the list of dairy products that we consume on a yearly basis will blow your mind. Like most things, dairy consumed in excessive amounts can take a toll on your overall health and you can see the effects all over your body. You are more likely to feel bloated, gain weight, experience acne-prone skin, and much more. Cutting out dairy is a drastic and personal choice, but the effects are visible immediately. If you feel that is something that you need to incorporate into your lifestyle then here are some ways to cut out dairy from your diet.

1. Say bye to milk.

Almost everyone consumes milk on a daily basis. However, in this day and age, there are so many alternatives to traditional dairy milk. You just have to find one that suits your tastes! Here are some alternatives: almond milk, soy milk, pecan milk, coconut milk, etc. Those alternatives are great and come in different flavors to give you more options. However, there are recipes in which you can altogether get rid of milk! For example, in smoothies, you can use coconut water instead of milk or milk substitutes. Explore your options and try out what works best for you and your taste buds. Here are some fun Milkshake Recipes to get you started.

2. I scream for non-dairy ice cream!

Now for something you must all be wondering: can we still have ice cream?! The answer is YES. There are so many non-dairy ice cream recipes out there. If you have a busy schedule and just want to come home and unwind with a scoop (or two), there are stores that offer soy-based or coconut-based ice creams! Although it may take some time to get used to the unique taste, there are so many benefits to convince you that it is totally worth having. To get started, you can try this Banana Cream or Coconut Mango Ice Cream.

3. Cheese, please? 

One of the hardest obstacles you might face when cutting out dairy is cheese. Cheese doesn’t necessarily have any direct non-dairy substitutes, so it might be difficult at first to ease it out of your diet. Here are some tips to eliminate cheese. On pizza, cut out the cheese by piling on the veggies and/or meats, so that you can’t tell the difference. On burgers, avocado might be a delicious substitute. Avoid cream cheese on bagels and breads by using other spreads such as almond butter or peanut butter. Remember: opting for alternatives is great but not if they seem overly processed and loaded on sugars.

If you are planning on going dairy-free, keep these tips and tricks in mind. However, remember, when cutting out dairy, you lose certain nutrients such as calcium, so make sure to look for other ways to provide your body those supplements.

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