Circuit Training for Beginners

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Whether you are totally new to fitness or you are jumping back into it after a long break, this is the workout for you! This workout is designed to get you back into fitness…gradually.

Equipment Needed: Yoga mat or soft surface, water

What To Do: Perform each exercise one after the other, like a circuit. Perform 2 circuits, resting 30 seconds in between. Watch all of the video demonstrations before you get started!


1. Push-ups – 10 reps
2. Running in Place – 30 seconds 
3. Hip Extensions – 20 (10 each leg)
4. Oblique V-ups – 20 (10 each side) 

Knee Push-ups

Run In Place

Hip Extension

Oblique V-up

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16 Comments on "Circuit Training for Beginners"

  1. Donna Strauser  February 20, 2012

    Done, now to head out for a walk! : ) I can do this!

    • Skinny Ms.  February 20, 2012

      Donna, YES YOU CAN!!!

  2. Sara Beth  February 20, 2012


  3. cheryl  February 20, 2012

    I am so glad to see a beginner workout.

    Thank you because now I can get back in the groove.

  4. Cindy Lively  February 20, 2012

    Love it…I did the one that was posted yesterday this morning and I'll do this one tom morning…so happy to have one that is at my level! Thank you!

    • Skinny Ms.  February 20, 2012

      Cindy – Glad you're enjoying the workouts!

  5. Erin  February 20, 2012

    Love this work out for beginners and feeling it when I move! Lol

    • Skinny Ms.  February 20, 2012

      Erin, YEAH…that means it's working! 🙂 See you for tomorrow's workout!

  6. Beverly  February 21, 2012

    This is what I have been looking for. I just found Skinny Ms. I am so inspired. Thank you.

    • Skinny Ms.  February 21, 2012

      Hi Beverly, Thank-you!! I'm so happy you found us. ~Skinny Ms. Fitness

  7. Arline  April 22, 2015

    I'm going to give it a try…is there an excerise that can be put in place of the push-ups? I have a tear in my rotator cuff and don't want to chance doing more damage.

    • SkinnyMs  April 23, 2015

      Arline, Wall push-ups shouldn't put much pressure at all on the rotator cuff, but we're not sure how severe the tear is, so double check with your physician first.

  8. Jane Tho  March 8, 2016

    I tried it for 3 reps and I don’t feel tired that much. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

  9. Shammah  June 6, 2017

    This was great..just found SkinnyMs!.is there a work out posted daily?


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