Dairy-Free Farmer’s Market Risotto

Creamy, decadent risotto is possible without dairy! This Dairy-Free Farmer's Market Risotto uses the best local produce the season has to offer, as well as some cooking techniques to create a dish that's full of flavor and a variety of textures.

dairy-free farmer's market risotto

Creamy, decadent, Dairy-Free Farmer’s Market Risotto? True story!

I love going to the farmer’s market, whether I’m at home, or traveling. I’m fascinated by the variety of fresh, local produce available and how it varies by region. When I am traveling and encounter something I’m not familiar with, I love to learn all about it.

This recipe in particular allows you the flexibility to make it your own creative, signature dish, based on what’s available in your area. This recipe uses summer produce, but you can revise it based on the current season. Here are the crucial elements to make a creamy, dairy-free risotto full of all the best produce the season has to offer.

It all begins with hot broth or stock

The first step to a creamy risotto is for you to have plenty of hot broth or stock on hand. You can use water as well, but if you use a vegetable broth or stock, you will add loads of flavor to the rice.

Be sure to keep the broth warm, not boiling. By doing this, you can keep the cooking temperature of the rice consistent. If you add cold or room temperature broth to the arborio rice, you lower the temperature of the dish every time more is added. This does two things – it increases the cooking time, and also creates the potential for a “mushy” texture.

Next, the aromatics

The next step to Dairy-Free Farmer’s Market Risotto, or any dish for that matter, is for you to add some sort of aromatics. You can choose from a variety of vegetables and herbs, but here are a few, to give you some ideas:

  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Celery
  • Ginger
  • Carrots
  • Bell Peppers

Choose a variety of vegetables

In order to achieve an interesting risotto with a variety of textures, choose vegetables with both creamy and crunchy textures. In this particular recipe, you’re using crunchy asparagus and corn for some “bite”. You’re also using peas, carrots and starchy corn, which will contribute to a creamy risotto that is dairy-free.

Don’t rush the cooking process

This is the last, most crucial element that makes a great Dairy-Free Farmer’s Market Risotto. Because there is no butter or cheese involved to contribute to the creamy texture, it is important that you slowly add the broth and let it absorb into the risotto without rushing it. When you take your time with this step, you allow the rice sufficient time to develop the starches that give this recipe it’s creaminess. While the carrots, peas and the starch from the fresh corn will also add to the luscious texture, it’s the rice that is the most important.

Now that you know all of the important components to this incredible recipe, here it is for you to try!

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