DIY Skinny Salad-in-a-Jar

Layer your way to the perfect salad!


Mason jars are one of our favorite ways to make sure our meals are perfectly portioned and adorable to boot! From breakfast parfaits to burrito “bowls”, we always have jars on hand. And now we’ve come up with a formula for a mason jar salad that layers everything you need to combine protein, fiber, and nutrients into your lunch. Simply follow our steps, and you’ve got yourself a portioned out lunch that looks cute and is handy to take on the go!

First think about your dressing. Instead of choosing a creamy, fattening option, consider a clean eating, DIY dressing. Mix lemon juice with olive oil and salt and pepper for a light choice. Or combine vinegar and oil with mustard and a dash of honey for something a little more flavorful. Then, choose your beans. Black beans, chick peas, lentils, or edamame are all great choices that lend fiber and protein to your salad. Top those with your grains. Make sure you choose a whole grain like farro, barley, or millet, since those are rich in nutrients and fiber.

Next, get creative with fruits and veggies! Do you crave the crunch of cucumbers or carrots? The juice of a tomato? Or the tang of berries or citrus fruits. Mix and match your fruits and veggies for maximum flavor and texture. Then, have a little fun by adding the nuts, cheese, or sprouts of your choice. Top your salad with greens, from peppery arugula to superfood kale.

Do you have a mason jar salad combo that tastes delicious? Tell us your secrets in the comments!

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    1. Danielle, It really depends on the size salad you want. But, for salads we general use pint size jars which is 2 cups.

    1. Gemma, That’s up to you but we eat them with a fork right out of the jar. That’s want makes them so nice for work.

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