No Fast Food Challenge

Stop your fast for addiction with this challenge!

There’s no way around it, fast food is bad for your health. If you were to read the ingredient list on fast food items, chances are it would read more like a lab experiment than an ingredient list.

So for one month, we are challenging you to give up fast food. Survive on healthy, nutritious, good-for-you foods instead and watch your body respond!

NOTE: if you have already given up fast food (which we know a lot of you have), we have another challenge for you! Find it here. Or if you’re feeling really ambitious, do both challenges!


All fast food restaurants are off limits. This includes sandwich shops, pizzerias (you know the ones we are talking about) and yes, even Chinese fast food.
For many people, fast food is a subjective term, and admittedly, there is a lot of gray area.

So for the purpose of this challenge, here is what you should avoid:

-The obvious, like Burger King, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Jack In The Box, etc…
-Chinese fast food
-Subway and To-Go’s (or any sandwich shop. Processed meats and white-flour breads are not good for your health)
-Any burger joints
-Taco joints
-Pizza joints
-Any food outlets at the mall.

That’s it! Pretty basic, and pretty tough for a lot of folks out there. But we know you can do it!

No Fast Food Challenge
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Many of you asked for help with this challenge, and Skinny Ms. listened! We developed an affordable ebook that will help you get through the toughest days of this challenge.


– The No Fast Food Challenge rules
– Suggestions for healthy menu items at some of your favorite restaurants
– 8 healthy, fast food substitute recipes for many of your favorite fast food items
– 27 healthy snack ideas

You’ll get healthy recipes for:

– Tacos
– Burgers
– Fries
– Chocolate milk shakes
– Ice cream sundaes


The goal of this challenge is give you alternatives to fast foods and encourage a healthier way of eating for a lifetime. We want to help you get through the first month so you have the motivation to continue on your own. Whether or no you decide to continue living fast food-free after the challenge ends is completely up to you.

So what do you say? Will you take this challenge? You’ll find tons of amazing support on our Facebook page as well. Do this for your health!

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  1. i am really going to try this. would help with the weight loss and becoming healthier in general. i am going to put the money i would have spent on fast food and put it in my savings for my trip to new york in June. here's to a healthier, skinnier, happier me!!

  2. I'm definitely up for this challenge as I've been trying to give up fast food. Is it a requirement to buy the eBook? Please advise. Thanks!!

    1. Tiffany – Absolutely not. The ebook is just an extra to help you through it. But you can do this on your own without the ebook. 🙂

  3. Started the Feb "No Fast Food Challenge" today by restarting my Spark People menus. It was so easy when I used that for menu planning. I ate what it told me and that was it! I have my 'go to' work lunches that I change to to but that are on the plan so I am set to go! Didn't lose that much with the 'No Sugar'. I am ready to see if this picks it up a bit! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Angela – If you were eating fast food during the no sugar challenge, you were still getting sugar. But glad you are starting now! Congrats!

  4. I'm in!!! I have been trying to eat better this year (down 8 lbs) and this sounds like a great idea! There is strength in numbers!

  5. I am totally up for this! I have been cooking a lot more at home using your the recipes on here as well as the gracious pantry and they all go over very well, so have not felt the need or even the want to go out for fast food like we used to! Feels great and I know my husband and kids feel better too!

  6. I am definitely in and well on my way to completing my first day of the challenge. I've decided that for every time I crave fast food, the money will be put aside so I know at the end of the month how much I would have saved by not eating it.

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