Feeling Tense? 6 Moves to Help You Unwind

stretching for stress management

If it’s been one of those days (or weeks, or months) when your stress starts to get the best of you, it’s time to fight back. If not managed properly, stress can wreak havoc on your body. Feeling tense? Skinny Ms. has 6 Moves to Help You Unwind.

6 Moves to Help You Unwind:

Simple meditation. Right now, stop what you’re doing and close your eyes. Concentrate on the sound of your breathing…. in…. and out. Allow every other feeling and thought to drift away. Stay in this state – slowly breathing in and out – as long as you can or until your tension melts away.

Child’s pose. Sit with your legs tucked under you. Bend forward until your forehead is resting on the floor. Close your eyes and relax your arms at your sides. Take slow, deep breaths and relax into the floor.

Stretch. Doing yoga or simple stretches can help alleviate some of the tension in your body, which should help your mind as well. Take a look at Stretch Out – 5 Benefits of Flexibility and Relax and De-stress with Yoga Class – You Deserve it! for more information.

Facial massage. There’s a reason why people rub their temples when they’re stressed – our facial muscles tense up when we’re anxious. With your index and middle fingers pressed together, gently massage your temples, jaw, forehead and anywhere else that feels tight. In addition to helping you feel more relaxed, facial massage may help stave off a headache. 

Positive thinking. Our thoughts have a tremendous effect on us – physically, emotionally and mentally. If you are stressed, anxious, or worried about something, try to turn your thoughts to find a solution to your problem, remind yourself of the good things in your life, or divert your thoughts to something else. Allowing yourself to dwell on negative thoughts will only harm you and keep you from enjoying life.

Get outside. Take a walk or run, enjoy an outdoor hobby or sport, or simply stand on your deck, balcony or porch and breathe the fresh air. Sunlight has proven mood-enhancing benefits, and witnessing the beauty of nature – from birds, squirrels, and rabbits to plants, trees, and the sky – are sure to help, too.

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