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Become an olympian with these tips!

Did you ever dream of being in the Olympics when you were a kid? The Olympics is considered the home for the most elite athletes of the world. People train to extreme limits from a young age preparing for the trials to even qualify for the Olympic teams. We strongly admire any individual that can put forth that much self-discipline and dedication for something they love, and achieve greatness. Olympic athletes have their own special category of difficulty. They can spend anywhere from 4 to 6 hours training for their specialty, such as swimming, gymnastics, track or rowing, and then they also spend time in the gym for strength training and agility.

Many olympic hopefuls move from their homes to live and train with their coaches. For example, Gold Medal winner, Gabby Douglas left her Virginia Beach home at 14 to train in Des Moines, Iowa with her coach Liang Chow. Congratulations Gabby!!!

With the Olympic Trials on TV these days, we can’t help but feel inspired as we see these athletes performing at their absolute best, pushing the limits and trying to win the gold. We are not Olympic athletes, but we do strive to aspire to their dedication and take their tips on training and nutrition enthusiastically!

Olympian training tips:

1. Set Goals.  Set SMART goals preferably, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Timed goals.

2. Eat Smart and Clean.  Skinny Ms. eating philosophy goes hand in hand with eating clean and has plenty of recipes to support you!

3. Build a fitness foundation.  Every Olympian had to start somewhere, they were not born professionals! So if you are a beginner start small, check out some of our workouts for beginners!

4. Stick to the Commitment. Have problems sticking to a plan? Write out your workouts on a calendar and post them where you can easily see them every day. If you already have time set aside to do your workout, it makes it much easier to stick to that time. Also find a training partner that has a similar fitness level and goals as you, to help motivate you and keep up with your workouts!

Now it’s time to find your inner olympian with today’s workout! Click here to get started!

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