Fitness Fun in the Sun

Get fit in the sun!

Spring is here and summer’s around the corner! The sun is shining more and the days are getting longer which leaves all the more reason to get outside! Not only does this open a new world of fun in fitness for me, but it also means more fun for the whole family. Kids love anything when it comes to the family playing together. And you can find the supplies for these games for reasonable prices at places like Target, Wal-Mart or Big Lots, so get creative and have fun!

At the park, the beach, the lake or in your own back yard ~ Here’s some fun activities to do with the family:

-Play catch with a football or frisbee.
-Play volleyball with a regular ball or a beach ball (in the water, on land, or in the sprinklers!).
-Kick around a soccer ball (make your own teams, or just kick for fun).
-Play Bocce Ball.
-Relay races – you don’t have to have a lot of people or materials to have fun with this one.
-Just grab some pillow cases for sack races and/or some eggs for spoon races.
-Go for a family bike ride.
-Have a water balloon fight!

Grab your friend(s) or significant other and get moving:

-Find a park or a school that has play structures or athletic bars where you can do your own circuit training.
-Go for a run and give yourself markers, such as every park bench or every tree, to stop and do push ups, jumping jacks, burpees, tricep dips, etc.
-Go for a hike!
-Go for a swim.
-Do yoga at a park or at the beach.
-Find some stairs to climb.
-Go to your local bay and rent a kayak, paddle boat or bicycle.

These are just a few fun, easy and cheap ideas for getting yourself, your friends and/or the whole family outside for some exercise. Whatever you do, don’t forget to be prepared with healthy snacks, a lunch, plenty of water and wear your sunscreen!

Written by Mimi Marie who is an advocate for obtaining happiness through a naturally healthy and balanced lifestyle. She is a wife and mother to five who strives to make her life a living example that health and fitness can be exciting and fun. Follow her at: Heavenly Healthy.

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