Five Healthy Picnic Recipes to Please a Crowd

Picnic on these healthy choices!

What comes to your mind when you think of a fun, family picnic? Unhealthy potato salads, burgers, and barbecue chips are some perennial favorites. But this year, bring nutrition to the park with simple and delicious dishes aimed to please. For picnic inspiration, try these five, healthy, crowd-pleasing picnic recipes.

1. Mediterranean Quinoa Salad. When it comes to healthy salad recipes, it doesn’t get any better than this. Made with not one but three superfoods, including quinoa, tomatoes, and cucumbers, this recipe creates a tangy, delicious crunch. It can be served on its own or rolled in a lettuce leaf for an afternoon snack. Mediterranean Quinoa Salad is a complete meal containing healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and quality protein.

2. Herby Juicy Watermelon Tomato and Feta Salad. What says “picnic” like watermelon does? In this recipe, it is both the foundation and focal point of your picnic dish. Enjoy preparing this dish in just five to 10 minutes and pairing it with any grilled entree.

Juicy Faux Fried Chicken

3. Faux Fried Chicken. Have a hankering for fried chicken, but don’t want all the greasy fat and calories? Cook up a batch of this oven baked Faux Fried Chicken recipe to bring along to your next summer picnic. It’s a healthy and convenient dish that won’t wreak havoc on your waist line.

4. Garbanzo Curry Burgers. This recipe is the perfect meatless dish with less saturated fat for burger lovers. Cook them up as an alternative to traditional burgers, for a new flavor punch and a deliciously guilt-free meal.

5. Classic Cucumber Tomato Salad. You can find a wealth of vitamins and other nutrients in this classic salad recipe. Share this this easy prep salad with family and friends at your next picnic.

Picnics don’t have to involve fatty, sugary, and unhealthy foods. Think outside the box and bring one of these healthy picnic ideas that are sure to please any crowd.

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