Full Body Training Secrets – The 5 Best Moves

Tips to give you a head-to-toe fitness boost!

If you are looking to boost your strength and fitness level through the roof, then just doing crunches won’t help much. Instead, think push-ups, squats, pull-ups and the rest. This type of training also leads to greater energy expenditure and boost metabolism, leading to greater fitness gains.

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But working out isn’t just about getting ripped or huge. Here are some of the health benefits:

Fight off Diabetes. According to research from the American Diabetes Association, lifting weights to the point of exhaustion leads to a 46 percent boost in insulin efficiency. When lifting weight to the point of failure, meaning you’ve done as many reps as possible, more fibers are recruited than during low aerobic activity, granting the body better access and release of glycogen stores.

Prevent Heart Disease. If you’re looking to ward off heart diseases, then exercising multiple muscle groups in one session is the way to go. Opting for the workout approach maximizes the expansion and the rhythmic contraction of your arteries, thus allowing better dilation and maximizes the oxygenated blood that gets to your heart. This cardiovascular exertion lowers C-reactive protein levels—which is a predictor heart-related troubles.

Avoid Alzheimer. If you have High blood pressure or/and high cholesterol, then you’re six-fold more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease later on, according to the Alzheimer Society. Fortunately, research from the Brandeis University revealed that lifting big (70 percent of your one rep max and more) were the most efficient exercises for improving memory function.

The 5 best full body workouts:  

1. Dead Lift – This is the mother of all full body exercises; the deadlift is one of the most fundamental, Alpha and ancient lifts out there. It’s a compound movement that recruits nearly every major muscle in your body (Quads, Gluts, Hamstrings, Calves, Lower Back, Obliques and so on). In addition, studies shows that dead lifts stimulate testosterone and growth hormone releases, leading to greater fitness and health gains.

2. Push-up – We hate them, but we love them! The pushup is the simplest and most effective exercise for strengthening your arms and building definition in your chest and back. Push-ups come in different variations and sizes; this helps you target different areas of your upper body, back and core.

3. Squat – Even though squats mainly target leg muscles (hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps), they also create an anabolic environment, leading to better body-wide muscle building. Furthermore, squats are one of the best functional movements out there, and they’ll help you perform real-life activities better and more efficiently.

4. Chin Up – Also know as pull-ups, chin-ups are about using your body to strengthen your body. No barbells or weight lifting machines required! The chin-up mainly targets the back and the biceps—or what’s known as the pulling muscles. Like its twin sister, the pushup, a range of chin-up variations can challenge your muscles in diverse ways. The different grips and hands position makes it the ultimate and most convenient body building exercise.

5.Turkish Get Up – (Instructional Video Below) To perform the Turkish Get-up, you need all your major muscles to work in unison in order to accomplish the task. It’s one of the highly functional movements that can help you strengthen your shoulders, the core and lower body muscles. In addition, Turkish Get-ups require a delicate balance between strength, focus and proprioception, hence performing it regularly will lead to improvements in all these areas.

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  1. I’m not lucky enough to know exactly what days and when I can go to the gym so when I go I’m in there for as long as possible to get as much of a full body work out as possible! I’ve been getting stronger and packing on muscle at a decent rate (Since I get good recovery time). I’d say.. well and truely the only disadvantages would be (From my experience) that you only really get to be ‘fresh’ for one exercise (DL, SQ, BP, ect) Because you can’t lift in the high percentages (well I can’t) for all my lifts and expect the same performance because the compound lifts are all so taxing. Therefore I have to drop the weight back abit and this means slower strength gains. The other side of the coin too is blitzing your whole body in one go means you should have an intra work out or at least a good pre-workout meal to sustain you because I doubt any of us can really expect our fat burning systems to power us through a high intensity workout on fat alone.. And I forgot to mention, to recovery time too you really should take time off for abit or if you go again the next day deload or do a depletion workout or something.. that’s worked for me when I got lucky enough to go 2 days in a row (I can never know when I can go)
    I think i’d find it hard to do an upper body day and while waiting to recover staring at the leg press… haha!
    Good article

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